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Oval My red book jupiter latinas first appeared in the year when three smaller spots collided and merged.

Orton prefers "the not-so-Great Red Spot. A similar merger centuries ago may have created the original Great Red Spot, a storm twice as wide as our planet and at least years old.

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A favorite idea is that the storm dredges material from deep beneath Jupiter's cloudtops and lifts it to high altitudes where solar ultraviolet radiation--via some unknown chemical reaction—produces the familiar brick color. Author: Dr. Tony Phillips Production Editor: Dr.

Mar 3, Larger image.

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The Vision for Space Exploration. Recommended Articles.

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Blue Moon over North America. Using Hubble and other telescopes, astronomers watched with great interest.

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See for yourself: Jupiter is easy to find in the dawn sky. Sky Map. More Stories Spooky Astronomy. Solstice Moon. March 3, Backyard astronomers, grab your telescopes.

If you're lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of feeding My red book jupiter latinas when the fish are especially active.

But in recent months, things began to change:. Step outside before sunrise, look south and up:. Planets in a Bottle -- more about yeast. Glenn Orton, an astronomer at JPL who specializes in studies of storms on Jupiter and other giant planets.

And My red book jupiter latinas a photo, it was measured at 11, miles across.

It's about half the size of the famous Great Red Spot and almost exactly the same color. We've been monitoring Jupiter for years to see if Oval BA would turn red—and it finally seems to be happening. Above: Hubble images detail the birth of oval BA in Oval BA may have strengthened enough to do the same.

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It is pleasing to look at with the naked eye and even prettier through the eyepiece of a small telescope. If so, the deepening red is a that the storm is intensifying. Oval BA first appeared in the year when three smaller spots collided and merged.

Jupiter is growing a new red spot. The top of the storm rises 8 km above surrounding clouds.

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The Perseid Meteor Shower. At first, Oval BA remained white—the same color as the storms that combined to create it.

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Curiously, no one knows precisely why the Great Red Spot itself is red. Disclaimer : This is kept for historical purposes, but the content is no longer actively updated.

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