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But, for years our phone was bugged, every call accompanied by clicks and pauses. And, besides, Mwm looking mwf or f legalities — seriously, no parent is going to be happy with a middle-aged man in bed with their year-old son or daughter.

I will not defend Mackay. The lad is still at school and you could have referred to him as a pupil or a scholar but schoolboy implies which he is not. But perhaps you have come to your definition in some other way? Then as you moved on into your article and I saw where you were going I rrealised the truth of it.

I totally agree regarding the SNP. It is past the time for being nice and cuddly. We must go on. In that case, it is imperative that the Yes side develop a similar capability.

I have to agree with the conclusions made in this post. There is however one glimmer of light on the horizon. Keep doing what you do. My parents were active in the Independence movement since the early fifties.

Biblical Criticism Modern Biblical Scholarship. I agree with you Duncan.

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It can only be hoped he has the good grace and the sense to step down as an MSP, and that the police will launch a thorough investigation into his conduct. This, for me, is an important lesson; that our political leadership urgently needs to stop being so complacent.

It is also then illegal for him to groom for the purposes of sex.

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Anybody who does not believe the British are treating Scotland as an existential threat that needs to be dealt with and eliminated by all means necessary is fundamentally deluded.

I hope the SNP learn the lesson from this episode.

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Rather, what this shows is that no one took the time to brief him on his use of online and cellular communications. Britain is not playing fair! As children we knew not to gossip about any coming and goings while outside the house, never discuss the odd printing press or mobile radio that passed through the basement, and ignored the coming and goings.

Follow Following. It has the stated objective of removing Scotland from the UK but whether its leadership is a absolutely sincere about that and b Blonde runner at meridian dtc of initiating a revolutionary uprising to bring that about are points open to doubt.

That was forty years ago so the tools used against people fighting for their own countries future has become more sophisticated but the need for awareness is every bit as necessary. Why not, everyone else will.

MI5 operatives trying to recruit a Republican activist at Cairnryan ferry port in Scotland.

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Behind this propaganda front, behind the open door between a compromised media and the state security services, is active intelligence — the spooks. It is also their job, from time to time — as the British government requires, to intervene; moving passive surveillance to active involvement.

Enjoy the thrill of the game and support our Shower sex mackay teams as they take on Rockhampton.

It seems clear that the SNP has neither intelligence nor, possibly more importantly, counter-intelligence working for them. Rate this:. Agree with this article we have to deal with these dangerous people they have hundreds of years experience in this type of espionage no one is safe.

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Britain is Shower sex mackay playing fair!

Nae wonder they call us the pudding race …. We are up against a Craigslist alice springs personals all organised and experienced enemy.

Like Liked by 3 people. Share this:. Off course SNP is even infiltrated at Branch level. Standpoint Zero. me up. Too many astute activists who suggest action short of civil disobedience are sidelined or witch hunted out. No, I am glad the bastard was rumbled.

It is predictable and inevitable. Foote says he wanted to have something that could hold the BT Leaders to but he should have had the foresight to know that nothing of that sort could be done without the backing of WM because if I knew that, he definitely should have!!!

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We have to be continually balancing between the lies being portrayed while supporting and encouraging people to continue to commit to Scottish Independence. How can this be, when the legal age of consent is 16? Random Public Journal other followers. Like Like. This is our first time at this.

George MacKay (actor) -

Britain has always behaved like this. Precisely Jason…. Well, in Scotland people under 18 are still considered minors, and even though they are of an age to consent to sex, they are still afforded legal protection from persons in positions of trust. The more people they pish aff and offend, particularily in the EU ….

This is a dangerous time. I absolutely agree with the article Gay glory holes allentown. This is precisely the job of journalists and newspapers and television news in the United Kingdom.

We are at a critical moment in our journey to independence. It will look down the nice list and start dreaming up ways to frame the innocent.

It can be taken for granted that every single text sent by SNP politicians is seen by someone in British Intelligence. But — and dispensing with this Mackay character — there is something else here. If our branch is aware of two serious complaints which HQ has swept under the carpetthere will be many more.

A declining and weakening England will no longer have the reserves, the means or the influence to fulfil their ambitions. The crime is not in Looking for some fun w a hot girl thought. Like Liked by 1 person.

It reveals an innocence at the top of the SNP that is, quite frankly, dangerous. Confusion around the legality of this has arisen due to the fact that the age of consent in Scotland is 16, leading some commenters today to defend his actions. Very often mail arrived late and obviously tampered with.

If the answer is yes, then he should be no where near the job he has been tasked with! We all have to be tough and look to ourselves. We can only hope that the psychological shock that comes from losing their toehold in Ireland, as they will, weakens them sufficiently in the eyes of the world that our own struggle becomes a little easier.

Thank you. Fortunately, the young, where Yes is dominant have the best of these skills which may well become the nucleus of our counter intelligence effort.

Shower sex mackay he did manage a nice along the way.

You are commenting using your Facebook. As a supporter I just hope that none of them are too sleazy. I wonder also having expressed this, if I will become a person of interest.

Time perhaps to winkle out the assets, establish our own counterintelligence capabilities and develop a few assets of our own. But we have to be smart. The Westminster elite and indeed the ruling classes of England have had hundreds of years of experience of subterfuge, manipulation, deceit and corruption and their corridors of power know no bounds.

The EU will willing take a hit or two and a manageable loss of trade with their former partner in their stride. Like this: Like Loading A very excellent piece. There is now an undeclared war being waged against Scotland and its people by the British.

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They are burying internal complaints from branches on a daily basis. Get the gloves off, and get stuck in to these lying hypocrites. Sullivan s island swingers video swinging must continue the struggle.

We Nude sex nuneaton their most valuable asset and they do not want to relinquish the value of our resources. Wow Jason, you say what many of us know and few are willing to say in public.

Bear that in mind before we cast stones at our politicians. Why are so many Scots in favour of the Union when Westminster have shafted us for over years?? My experiences with the State watchdogs and their goons two decades ago would not let me say other.

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Was he really that naive? This article is not new news to me. The party will learn no lessons.

It no longer has the wherewithal to prosper or to offer security to its citizens. I support your moral and legal stance overall and agree with your security concerns, both from personal and Irish political experience.

Then will be the time to take advantage of that. Brexit Day. Our Day Has Come. However, there actions will only serve to alienate more and more Scots.

It was right that he reed immediately from his ministerial brief and that he was suspended from the Scottish National Party. Britain makes a habit of knowing its enemies, and the SNP is an enemy of the British state. Notify me of new comments via. He was a gift to these people.

They only take action when the press get the story. London does not want to lose Scotland and will do whatever it takes to maintain its grip on us. Is it not the case that the police have stated that no crime was committed and they are not taking further action.

She is a former gymnast and has coached gymnastics for Shower sex mackay 30 years.

Follow Jeggit. Well timed press release…. Sleazy morons will be sleazy morons, but he clearly acted as though no one was watching — and that exposes the deeper problem!

So, to think for a moment the SNP Pamper yourself fredericton massage not under constant and intrusive close surveillance is just plain stupidity. Name required. We have to be vigilant and very smart when in a position of any power, watch your back.

That is their job! The odd broken marriage, or affair will be milked for all they are worth I am sure.

The Mackay Affair – Random Public Journal

Over the past six months, by text and private messages on social media, he harassed a sixteen-year-old child, encouraging the schoolboy to meet him in person, Bodyworks massage utica usa a series of communications which followed a well-known pattern of sexual grooming.

Given their sense of imperial entitlement and their proven track record of undermining democracy throughout the world I genuinely believe we will need to keep a Cold War-Level watching brief, particularly on England.

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You are commenting using your Twitter. An independent Scotland will need its own intelligence service, independent from the 5-eyes cartel and with close links to the Scandinavian and probably German services. See yeez in the Gulag. Nae wonder they call us the pudding race … Like Like. I have often posted on Facebook about this covert use of intelligence agencies to undermine the SNP and the Independence movement.

Mackay Local News - 21 May by Mackay Local News - Issuu

Presumably you realise that by writing as you do you definitely are of interest. Jeggit Absolutely, there is no question that security services read every message and and record every recip… twitter.

State actors have always used assets in the press for their political and ideological benefit. The EU are not going to turn a blind eye to a rogue state operating off their shores with impunity.

They simply refuse to acknowledge the depravity of the beast we face to gain our freedom. Loading Comments Required Name Required Website. In the surveilled state, such as Britain is, there is no such thing as privacy. So all you say here is highly believable.

Its not in a position to bargain for any new trade deals from a position of strength. Totally agree. If the answer is No than I would have thought that he would have realised that what he published Gay sauna murrieta queensland potentially have been a double edged sword and sway floating voters to believe the bastards like they have done so for years.

Whether we like the terminology or not, the SNP is a revolutionary party. Log in now. You are right, the Westminster Government and British press will have a lot of dirty tricks at the ready. required Address never made public. Notify me of new posts via. Like Liked by 2 people. It is at this point, having lost the propaganda war and with democracy working against it, that the British state begins to use violence — oppressive and eventually repressive violence; destroying reputations and lives, and eventually smashing skulls.

Very good analysis of the current situation. Who are without boundaries to ensure their outcomes.

This was not only highly inappropriate for a man of 42 in his position, it is also a serious criminal offence — and yes, it is! We know MI5 surveilled and infiltrated groups of environmentalists and tiny Trotskyist political parties.

Personally, I doubt this was the case with Mackay. Anything worse………! It is the largest political party of the Scottish independence movement, a cause and a movement dedicated to Scottish independence qua the destruction of the British state as it is presently constituted.

Little Englanders full of bluff and bluster are the achitects of their own misfortune. My concern is the breathtaking naivety of the snp. So, yes, while it is not necessarily illegal for a year-old adult to fancy a year-old or to have sex with someone under 18, Wife seeking real sex grantham is most definitely illegal for a Scottish government minister.

The SNP need to be ready for a fuselage of these to be fired at them over the coming months.

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