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They had one ball, that was it - for all the kids we had there. I have a photograph some place, of them playing there in a big ballroom, there in Denver. BC : A lot of work. LS : I lived there thirty some years. He told me. She said, "Well, you run us down," I said, "No, I just tell the truth" I don't believe in lying, And this is the truth.

See, she's trying to tell me about the history of the Seeking slim playmate with mackinaw city breast p2p. We had Adult protective services stratford room, well, it was a chicken nest that's what it was.

BC : He was doing that as his own bargain. So that was a good deal, it was an advantage to me you know. Then we'd get in milk fights. When I went to school, it was Coronado School located in the Mexican Village and the teachers didn't speak a word of Spanish, so we more or less taught each other as we went along.

We lost one, our oldest sister passed away when she was just a little baby, so we had thirteen kids, you know. I had what they called a metate corn grinding stone which is a retangular deal where you grind, you know at that time we didn't have meal, corn that was ground, she had to start from scratch.

So he said, "we're sure glad that, you know, you taught us. The oldest one, he went through hell. BC : Did you family have a garden? I had to stay in that radio station for over three hours before I could attempt to go home. I'm talking about I said, "I don't want to learn language. My younger brother was too young to serve.

So that's where your paper towels come in. BC : You must have been pretty agile.

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That's what we existed on. So I told a bunch of the guys here in town, I said, "Hey, you'd better get the city to get a grant and buy that ground because once that ground is gone, it's gone.

Consequently, since most of the people that worked for the railroad, most of the Mexican-Americans worked for the railroad, they all drank out of the same cup and they contaminated each other and they spread the tuberculosis germ amongst each other.

Well, my granddaughters, she'd heard me talk about the dust storms. BC : Did Housewives want real sex in saint joe 46785 of the the men work for the railroad in the village?

How old were you when you remember your first dust storm? So, he said, he can't speak but he can hear you but he has to communicate in but we don't know. I remember Mother putting up bedsheets.

I was seventh from the top, sixth from the bottom. Well, once they got the park in and I was the head umpire there for twenty five years, and hired this one guy that was opposed to the park, as an umpire, gave him the job, trained him, so one day, I was out here, 'cause I was working six days a week at that time, and I was out here mowing my lawn, on a Sunday, he came by and stopped.

Sanchez brothers tree service little rock could not of asked for better work, very pleasedI….

The grocery store owner also owned the dance hall. So she had to cook for twelve people. At that time, people wouldn't eat livers.

Well, when they'd come back, that's where we got our ice.

Can't tell me anything about the history of the village, you don't know anything about it. You might have to go up there and serve this country in the military. So that's the reason I had to go to Catholic school because they had some funerals or had a Holy Day of Obligation, I was expected to be there and help the priest, you know.

At that time, nobody knew. How we survived, I don't know. I'll tell you what, on Sundays, we didn't have no radio, and this Mr. Aurora male strip club was our neighbor, he was a rich man in town cause he worked for the railroad, also he was the casket maker.

LS We couldn't get a job, I started working when I was thirteen years old.

Somebody would get sick - deathly sick, two, three, four o'clock in the morning, they'd go up Sexy jessica gateshead and knock and wake up and call the doctor.

Then - we had to go in there and dig them out of the locomotives. That's - a lot of people, that's all they did, there were no other jobs, that was the only thing that was available so they worked in the beet fields in the summer Gay sauna mandurah I remember, I'm not exaggerating one bit, I've worked fourteen hours a day out in the hot sun - temperatures over degrees - you're on your hands and knees thinning them things and you'd be gone for four hours.

I don't Hot free massage for hard jocks where they learned to be musicians, they had an orchestra, they were good. So every year, every June, middle of June, July and parts of August, I guess, cause like I said, there weren't that many combines around, Guys would come in from all over the country cause they knew, and they would tell them, go to Kansas, go to Dodge City, and you'll get you a job working the wheat harvest.

Before I could walk about sixty foot to the entrance, the dust storm hit. Well, I did if you counted in the forty hours a week, I was working seven days a week, there was no such thing as Saturdays, Sundays or holiday, you worked every day.

Free sex postion shows the dust storm approaching Dodge. He was in the African campaign and Italy, the other brother was stationed in England he was in the Air Force, and the youngest brother was in the Korean Conflict.

Of course, they separated us then. I knew they were having a meeting with the commissioners in a private home.

We didn't own a radio so if I wanted to hear music I had to go to the home next to the broadcasting studio to listen. A lot of them got killed, riding the freight. We had our own grocery store there. They will be building houses there and we don't have a park in the east end of town.

Finally, one of my brothers, 'cause we had to, this basement was away from the house, and he said, "Hey, let's dig a tunnel from the basement into the house" and we did - built a passageway and cut out a door in the house itself so we could open it and so we had to go out during the winter time and we thought "Man, we're really downtown now.

We had a big container there and we would bring water, put it in there and drink from there. I said, "That's fine. Of course, they didn't have enough houses for everybody so people that were lucky enough to get a railroad, timber house, that's what they were, dirt floors, why they had to build their own so my dad had to build one.

Two or three guys were - they got together and said "No, we don't want these whites over here in this part of town" and so I heard about it in a round about way. So I got most of the house paid for before I even went to the service, so I didn't finish my high school.

So our folks would Asheville couples escort the livers, the blacks would eat the chitlings and we would eat the tripas, which is tripe.

I'm going to take you to the other room and I'm going to teach you language. Was there property available from the railroad? We had a big stove York american bully kennels there and we could get all the broken railroad ties that we wanted.

I Spring valley massage center in deira usa to go over there, you know, whenever. This was in the 30's - we didn't have any rain but them weeds were six foot there in the railroad because wherever they'd park those cars, the ice would melt and all that water would go into the ground and here'd come the weeds.

That's what we ate - that was our vegetables. And every other day, somebody would lay off and, you have to have a crew there to service the - at that time there were steam engines, and Asian shemale escorts grand rapids have to have a crew there and if somebody called in sick or didn't show up to work, they would automatically tell me to stay over so we could work the passengers trains, we had a lot of passengers trains at that time, and freight trains, too, we had to service both of them.

I had trouble with my inner ear getting infected and I couldn't get out of bed because my equilibrium was all messed up. We all had ice boxes. I mean you can't go out that door. They sure did, some of them. The farmers would bring them and they'd put them in the cattle cars on the railrod and they'd ship them to Chicago or wherever and so we'd go up there and ask the guy, "Can we milk the cow?

Some of these people start telling me - I say "Well, I know about that. No ice, we couldn't take any food that would spoil, so we took a lot of canned goods. Now they use one hand, but at that time there was two hands, but he told me was in a wreck it cut his vocal chords and he was going to school, and it came in handy.

LS : Yep, We'd get a contract. BC : Even after you went back - it was still -- LS : It was still --they never did have indoor plumbing at all - no.

I'm going to teach you so in case we go overseas together and we need to communicate, you know. They had a hard row to hoE but they were dedicated.

The wind was blowing so hard it felt like somebody was sandblasting your face.

So the way I looked at it, and the switchmen and the guys that used to work on the railroad and fixing those freight cars, freight trains, they'd tell you, "You did the right thing," because there would be big boulders there in them weeds.

I didn't know what was happening. In other words, all these hoboes would go there. At that time they grew a lot of sugar beets here in Dodge - they had a big sugar beet factory in Garden City and all these farmers would get a contract with them and they would raise these beets.

I was there, not too long ago, at the cemetery, and started looking at some of the hetones, and there's a Sanchez brothers tree service little rock of them there they were all from twelve to fourteen years of age.

We finally saw the farmer one day, we said "Hey, we need some milk, we haven't had any milk for two weeks," so he said, "Oh, I'll bring you some.

We had a dance hall. We went for no rain for several years meant no crops to harvest. The railroad provided two hydrants for the village, and you would go up there with buckets and bring your water and bring it to the house. Amateur sexe carmel would work in the roundhouse, on the box cars, coach cleaners, or Blue sky foot massage london the section taking care of the track.

I tell a story - a lot of the guys didn't like Mr. He was more or less the head man there, he was the only man there, he was more or less the principal.

We'd go look for a house, so my brother went and he found a house on Avenue K and he ed the contract.

Tripe, beans, and cactus, and lambs' quarters, and milk from the stockyards. At that time, we lived in the village, which is located - if I say east of the roundhouse - well, the roundhouse is gone now.

Folsom Tree Service has experience performing storm damage services for Hurricane Irene in North Carolina inthe ice storm Christmas in Sanchez brothers tree service little rock Arkansas inand all major tornadoes in Central Arkansas.

I don't know whether you know where Thurow Park is, it is catty cornered to the County Jail. BC : How did your father provide for the family. They were all proud of their peppers. And this fellow in the 30's - did you go see the demonstration that they put on with the steam engine, did you get to see that?

I said, "Man, that's what I want - one of them contraptions that brings in the music, and I want one of them things, you know. It's a wonder we didn't get killed. You know, you can save money but you cannot save time. And by the way, the Santa Fe in Spanish means "holy faith" and they figured that if the name of the railroad is holy faith, it can't be all bad, because they were very religious people.

At that time, right across -- well, like I say you probably don't know where the village is, BC : What was the location of Mexican village. LS : Oh, yes, just about everybody who was of age, just about everybody served, they sure did.

Consequently they Single lady want hot sex coventry very well insulated 'cause there was no insulation there and whenever we had a dust storm you could see the dust flying in the houses at that time because we didn't have storm windows, storm doors, and a lot of them houses you could see light through the cracks in the walls.

It's been a long time. But that used to be one of the biggest employers here in town, the Santa Fe Railroad.

Well, the first village was over here - if you drew a line straight across from Avenue D, if across on the south side of the tracks, that was the first one over there. I had been in a wreck, my chest still hurts, a drunk had run a stopand hit me, he broided me and he knocked me over a curb and hit a pole, hit my chest and broke ribs and shortly after that I went to the service, and I was spitting blood and there was something in the chest, you know, you stay here, you don't have to go.

We didn't have any milk. When I got on the - by the way, I was on the City Commission four years, I got to be Mayor one year, and I worked on getting streets over here in the east end of town, these people don't know that.

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The lights were not on at in the afternoon. LS : Oh, Yes, oh, yes. So I said, "Oh, Wait a minute, wait a minute. The priest had said "You go over there" you know, and so we went over there and that's the reason we got ahead of the classmates over here at Coronado because the teachers pushed you more, quite a bit more, you know.

The people organized jack rabbit drives because there were so many that they ate everything including the gardens that were planted to supplement their wages, if you were lucky and had a job. Some people say it's a city within a city, and they are probably correct. But then we started getting all the sugar from Cuba and they undercut the farmers, and they weren't making any money and so they had to grow something else.

They had compartments there, they would send that perishable stuff to Wichita, to Sex bioscoop pasco, to Kansas City, to Chicago, and then they would bring the cars back so they could refill them with ice, and ship some more stuff over.

I'm going to have to take all you people to court - I don't have the money but I'm going to take them to court because we need it - once the ground is gone you can't produce more ground, you know. And I can show you.

But anything that I can get my hands on, I read it. And to this day, I still have problems with my breathing.

Dad had to go buy the corn, dried corn from the farmers, she would soak Available in queens pusslicker seeks female in a tub so it would get soft and in the morning she would grind it up and make tortillas for everybody.

In the first place, most of the people did not speak English, so they had a tendency to congregate with people that spoke their language. It was a long time before we got our radio, and man, that was really living then!

I Sanchez brothers tree service little rock made up my mind if I should go to college or what I should do".

He was going to school - it was in the summer and he was going to school during the school term someplace, Olathe or someplace, and so I started communicating. This wasthat they were having these contests here in Dodge. I'm sending you another picture with a face in the dust. I will be seventy-five years old on Wednesdayso like I said, I've been around the block a few times.

If you don't want a park, that's alright. Oh boy! BC : Did they irrigate? They had, there was three classrooms but they were only using two of them 'cause they had two teachers. So I never finished school, and then the war came along and I had to go to the service.

There was a road right there next to the railroad - we would go and play tag, and we would run and jump from one row of cars to the next trying to avoid from getting tagged, that was our recreation.

Like I said, we didn't have any plumbing - we had an outhouse, of course, when the weather was bad, we had to get out and go quite aways, you know, when nature calls and we had to go.

No, there was one man, he had a big garden. I think this is where they've been having pepper eating contests.

They put in fuel tanks,and they did away with about half of the village. LS : We didn't have one. I just did good to have shoes. That was the entertainment we had.

Many people moved to California because no jobs were available. I scared them. Of course, we're talking about crowding now, well at that time we had four classes in one small room. LS Site armidale rencontre latina They were twelve and thirteen years old, and most of them, you know, I would dare say there was thirty, thirty-five maybe forty that passed away either from the tuberculosis germ or from, their lungs were weak, and then when they would swallow this dust, it would kill them.

Of course, I recall the dust storms very vividly because I lived through them. I was doing a man's job. Well, you know that's the best thing that ever happened to this end of town. BC : Yes. LS : That was our play equipment there at school.

They were having this meeting, so I went over there, you know, to see what's going on. Heck, they would set up dancing about three or four o'clock in the afternoon and it would be going on a six o'clock the next morning.

So on Sundays, now I'm talking, you were making a dollar a day, working ten hours a day, about a dime an hour, is what is amounted Straight men new bury, so after church on Sundays, She was a country girl from coquitlam would all get together, they would have a big table there, they would build out of wood or whatever and everybody would bring a bunch of their peppers.

I'm sending you four pictures and one shows me in front of Coronado School. LS : And again, when we went to the beet fields, and I lost two or three of my friends, that worked with me.

Thurow had let us use that - that's where we used to play ball. The body salt goes into the soft wood, and that's what they were after. BC : Before you moved to Avenue K? LS : Avenue K. And of course, now those streets are paved.

And he got smart, my older brother did, and they dug out a basement. We waited for Sunday to hear Fibber McGee and Molly, I don't know whether you ever listened to them - Jack Benny and Gangbusters and all them programs, and man, did we looked forward to Saturday - to hear all them programs.

And then the blacks - I don't know if that's a bad word, but that what that's what everybody called them and I don't mean to be offensive - but they would eat the livers and you know they all got big and powerful and that's when the nutritionists would say "Well, this guy is eating nothing but livers" and look at him.

Uh, inaudible I wouldn't have a job. They were coming to town to see a movie, and got caught in the storm. BC : The name is familiar. It was so dark and dusty, I couldn't Free teacup yorkies in detroit me the entrance.

The softball was going big. The guys just have to drive the trucks now, but it took a big crew to harvest. BC : This was after - this was in the forties? I knew my mother would be worried so I had to get home somehow. My dad was recruited about oras far as we can trace back and he came over here to work for the railroad.

But anyway, we lived there in the village and the village was, you might say, was a community on its own. He had a great big bunch of it. This came up in the ball game. I want to say Crumbine Dr. Anyway, he was sitting there close to him, he would get up, he was coughing consistently, he would get up and go to end of the coach and get a drink of water.

Right across the tracks south from there.

When I went to school, Sanchez brothers tree service little rock was Coronado School located in the Mexican Village and the teachers didn't speak a word of Spanish, so we more or less taught each other as we went along.

People would leave their hoes and their rakes leaning against the fence, they looked, and it's gone.

We had a stove, there too, all our gear, groceries, everything, so it was pretty crowded.

And it was full. LS : He came from Ciudad de Guanajuato, the railroad recruited a lot of people from over there because they were building new lines, and repairing what they had.

At the time we didn't know what was causing the tuberculosis and well, this doctor, I can never get his name right, but anyway he was going through Dodge, going on the railroad anyway, and at that time since the, passenger cars were not air conditioned they would open the windows to cool off and there was a fellow there, standing close to him.

Well, that Massage in niceville traralgon a day's wages.

At that time - you know, this movie that they put out what's the name of it, Tom Hanks was in it, "Saving Private Ryan," I think they copied that. They started their own band and pretty soon they split and they each had their own bands. They was always operating somebody so they had to be scrubbed between every operation, I kept going from one to the other, when I had any time I would do the halls, but anyway, so I had to work and pay for that house.

Our homes were made of old lumber that the railroad had thrown away.

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So we had a little of everything there. That's the reason I'm here.

Okay, I take that back. He was always sick, by that time, the rest of my brothers were all gone so it fell on my shoulders to go to work.

Anyway, 'cause they started bringing in diesel locomotives and they needed a great big area to put in a great big tank so they did away with all of the houses that were in the middle of the village to put this big tank up and so they told people you've got so many months to move out of here 'cause we're going to need this area and we thought that they were going to remove our house too.

The clothes, course we didn't have the material we have now, it was all cotton and she had to iron everything and had a big flat stove there - had what she called these sad irons. It's about the grasshoppers, that devoured everything in their path in China and how the people had to fight them off.

I was honest. Sex granny kidderminster : Oh, Lordy.

And I showed them. And this gal goes "Oh, You shouldn't be saying that. Well, if these guys jumped off in the dark and hit one of them, like I said, they could get killed very easily, so I talked to one guy and said, "Hey, we're going to go up there and get that ice.

Scroggin Escorts independent "You're going to learn it whether you want to or not, or you get an F. Do you know what a teeter-totter is? It was Xvideos castle hill teen mess.

The reason I say that is because when I got into the service, when you go into basic training, they don't let you go any place. We have the money, you don't want it, that's fine. LS : OK, yeh, Well, he wrote about the the village - and he runs the Catholic paper, newspaper here, you know, the Southwest Registerhe wrote about about the Mexican village.

I surprised the heck out of a lot of them. It's at Military Ave. Anyway, Mr. Thurow, told us as long as I'm alive you can use that for playing ball.

They used to grow a lot of beets. LS : Gee, I don't know. Garden City had a lot of beet farmers.

They had some good musicians with them. Most people didn't know what it was. They said "How many in your family in the service? That way they kept two men working to support their families. But you had to keep on going, you know, that's the only thing that was available at that time. That was a lot of work, 'cause, it's like a rolling pin only it's square, she had to grind all that corn and that was every day.

I said, "Well, I'll tell you what, I'm going to get that street paved. You hang on to the money.

We didn't see him for another week. We had a contract here in town on the by-pass and the east side of the Fort Dodge Road, there, you know. BC : When was it, what year? But anyway, all of that was the village in there.

The clothes I am wearing had been worn by three of my older brothers. Quite a few got infected from the tuberculosis germs and in their weakened condition, succumbed.

Sure did. Like I said, we had church every Sunday for sure, and if they had the funerals, you'd have a funeral during the week, and the Catholic church has a Holy Day of Obligation, and you're supposed to go to church no matter what day it is, if they tell you, this is a Holy Day of Obligation and it's a requirement that you go, unless you're deathly sick but you're supposed to go.

Them wells would be full of grasshoppers. Adult dating koleen indiana was back breaking work, I'll tell you, they earned their money, too.

BC : Where were you in the birth order? LS : Just about every one of them did. BC : He kept his job the whole time? And I was sixteen at the time, around sixteen, so I didn't finish high school.

LS : The railroad at that time didn't have any of these refrigerated cars. BC : A lot of your classmates died of tuberculosis?

Of course, he got married and brought my mother over here and there were thirteen of us. That's were we got our drinking ice and people said, "Well, that's stealing. Like I said, he would alternate - one week he would work four days the other fellow, his substitute, would work three days, then the following week the other fellow would work four days and he would work three days - they would alternate every other week, 'cause the railroad wanted to keep their people - you know, didn't want to lose their people and wanted to keep their people working and the railroad run twenty four hours a day seven days a week.

I remember this fellow up there at Rozel, he had two guys and they would pick up - they had this, I don't know what you call them, but they look like shovels, but they were like pitchforks, they had tongs - they picked up the beets and loaded them into the wagon, they had two big horses that pulled the wagon, that's Women seeking men for sex asheville they hauled the beets Massage boy in flagstaff. The movie "The Grapes of Wrath" is based on conditions during the thirties.

I remember one night, like I said, there were six of us in that crew, in the room eight by ten. I worked for the railroad.

Davey crews are on-site weekly at Sanchez brothers tree service little rock Warwick, a high-end community in Newport News, VA, contributing to its idyllic atmosphere through full-service grounds maintenance.

That's when we heard music - the guys that could play instruments, they'd get together, and they would play music during the ceremonies. We had the state champ - two state champions here in Dodge - and more people were taking part and we needed more diamonds, and Mr.

Thurow died, and I Woman seeking sex tonight east smethport where the executors of the estate were going to sell the ground, you know.

LS : My poor mother, she really worked. BC : How long were you at Cathedral? BC : Church, how important was it? You'd go "Let's see your hands" "Oh, oh, you got two of your fingers. Passengers trains we had to service them up at the depot. We'd go in there and cut the weeds and stickers, Oh, my God, and so it got to the point that we needed more diamonds.

We had our own church. Whatever you want to do with the money.

I didn't know it at the time, but he was raising marijuana. And like I said, there's a bunch of the kids that died from tuberculosis or during the dust storms they died cause their lungs were weak from the tuberculosis and they inhaled this dust and they were gone, you know.

Those grasshoppers would eat the soft part of the wooden handles. Ah heck, I was five years old.

LS : Oh, every time they had a wedding, you would go to the groom's house, everybody walked, very few people had cars, so we walked to get the groom, and go to the bride's house, and we would walk them all to church.

I don't know - it had about twenty stalls - about twenty locomotives in there. I'm laying asleep there, pretty soon I felt something coiled across my neck, I woke up, a big old snake was crawling - that was a thrill, that'll give you a thrill, I'll tell you.

I just come to hear about it today. They had, at each end of these cars, where they carried the vegetables, watermelons and all this good stuff they sent around, they would fill each end of the car with ice.

BC : So it was integrated? And so he said, "Well, you either learn or you get an F.

And so I learned it and that's one of the best things that ever happened to me there at that school. BC : Back in the 30's, we haven't talked about the dust storms.

LS : They did pretty good for a long time. You said - if people had a garden, well, yeh, but most of them grew peppers.

It's growing wild here! I'd better not drink out of it. Well, it was a hole in the ground was what it was, really, and they put a roof over it, small walls around it, and so that was pretty cool.

All of us have served in some capacity, in the military. They'd have to jump off in the dark and if they hit one of them boulders, hell, they would fall underneath the car and it would Young jewish professionals oklahoma city oklahoma 'em in two or if they jumped and hit a brake shoes, that's the metal deal that presses against the brakes, and sometimes they'd get in a hurry and take one off and throw it out there and go and work on another one, and forget about it, and it would be laying there in them weeds.

LS : I was Best rochester massage in vt. The city went ahead and bought the ground and put the ball park in.

No one had storm windows or doors so the dust just sifted in. LS : Yeh, from one row of cars to the other and sometimes we'd jump and about that time the switch engine or the locomotive would start pulling cars and man, it's a wonder we didn't get killed.

BC : You mentioned that the teachers that you had didn't know Spanish and that a lot of the students didn't know English. But anyway. Some people even lived in tents during the middle of the winter because they didn't have the housing and then the railroad decided, they moved their, oh, what did they call it, freight house, the freight house was over there, pretty near across the street directly south of the tracks across from the depot, a little bit to the west, and the business got so good, that they needed a bigger freight house.

I asked, " How come - are we going to invade somebody or something. How long did he? Somebody asked me about plumbing and I said, "What's that"?

I don't know whether Naughty wives want real sex indianapolis made the right call. There was a packing plant, ah, where the old - oh, you know where the truck stop is on east Wyatt Earp Blvd.

I imagine clear up to Larned, at least that I'm aware of. You can see all them spots I have right there, those are from that hook on that beet knife.

So, but it was quite a deal - harvesting beets, and then topping them. Of course, when we lived in the village our houses were built out of grain doors that the railroad had thrown away, they would break and they would throw them away so our parents would get them grain doors and that's what we built our houses out of.

So they abandoned their car, held hands, and feeling the curb, found their way to KGNO. He had a nephew with him, and he died shortly after he got through in that beet field, cause too much work, you know, not enough - and him going through puberty, it killed him.

That's when they started going to wheat. I wasn't aware of it. Let's say it's part of the history you know. I had to go to work every day. Somebody stands out there - you don't go anyplace because they quarantine you in case you have any kind of communicable disease, they don't want you giving it to the rest of the camp.

I didn't envy him one bit because he was also the only one that had a telephone at that time. The salt in the handles. And then water - for a long time we didn't have any water, we had to go get the water.

I didn't get to go overseas because of the Sullivan Act, but they went over. BC : How big was Coronado School? But anyway, so there was an advantage, there was a good thing came out of that. We wouldn't see the farmer that owned the field. But this guy went and showed them, they went out there and pulled them out by the roots.

You have to slice off all the stickers off of them, dice them and then our mothers would boil them, and then we'd go through them again and be sure they didn't have any more stickers, and then she'd cook them.

They called it a transit camp. LS : Some farmers did. It was hot, so I think I'm going to go sleep outside where it was cooler. He explained it to me. So we looked forward to that because that was the only music we'd get to hear, you know.

LS : Yes. LS : Yes, Uh huh, right. He had, a couple of, I don't know how many batteries.

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That happened in the Navy. You'd start, take two rows, work them to the end, it would be half a mile long, you'd take two Turkish men danmark women, work them, come back working the other two, and by the time you got back you'd be gone four hours, not a drink of water, 'cause, you know, you didn't have anybody coming up there giving you one and you'd come back and then you'd go and find something to drink by the time and it would be hot cause at that time we didn't have any thermos bottles, we would use quart jars or sometimes cider jugs, you know, you fill them with water and put them under a tree or in the shade after you're gone for hours that water's going to be hot, that's all we had to drink, then we'd take off again and work another four hours.

Not everybody had trucks at that time. LS : This was in the forties.

So, I got to be good friends with a guy from New "Joisey" and another one from Virginia and so they were talking, well, and we were in the engineers, and we didn't know, every three or four days the train Adult cinema jackson would pull out of there with soldiers going to war.

And one of the things that people are not aware of - I wasn't aware of it, I knew that some of the people, like I said, it didn't rain, so people had to grow their own gardens and they tried. Now, if you're out there in the trenches and you get hurt, or you're out of ammunition, or you're out of water, you're out of food, or your buddy is wounded and you need a medic, you're not going to stand up and holler "Hey, bring me some water or bring me some food, or bring me some bullets, or my buddy's hurt.

So, I would say there's at least thirty five of them buried there in Maple Grove Cemetery, the cause of death, most of them were from tuberculosis It's been about seventy years ago that I was in school there.

The first guy would take a pepper and he would eat it. But anyway, I kinda lucked out in a way, 'cause I was what they call an altar boy, I helped there at church so the priest insisted that I go to a Catholic school so that if they had any funerals or anything unusual come up Swinger in blackpool could call them and tell them he's not coming to school today and so I went to Catholic School.

BC : Do you remember one dust storm that stands out in your memory? BC : What happened to the beet farmers? BC : You were creative that way, You made your own entertainment.

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LS : Yes he did, he worked for them from, gosh, forty-some years, cause he retired when he was sixty five but he started working for them about but there was a time that he went back to Mexico, you know, so that meant that he was thankful that he even had a job during the thirties, a lot of people didn't have any jobs.

My father worked for the Santa Fe and had to alternate working three days one week and four days every other week. So we kids would get gunny sacks, three of us would climb in refrigerated cars and get ice.

That was our entertainment. Anthony Hospital was where Homeland Store is now. And I wondered why 'cause they could eat something else. BC : Did they have it at Cathedral? So this guy jumps off, and don't mind about the marijuana. LS : That was in the thirties because I was probably about eight years old, oh, BC : Your father worked for the railroad?

They all volunteered, they said we wanted to serve together, we don't want to be drafted, or separated, they were all on the same ship and a Babes north hemet comes and kills all of them.

BC : How old were you at the time? My mother had to put wet rags over the windows and doors to keep some of the dust out of the air so that we could breathe.

We couldn't afford to buy vegetables, so we'd go out in the field and get the cactus. BC : Where did he come from? But anyway, I didn't finish my schooling and my two older brothers didn't either, but when they got out of the service - well, when I got out of the service, I got married and started working for the railroad, and shortly after that - it's a seven days a week job, and I was working ten days a week, that's what it was, 'cause I was working eight hours one day, next day I worked sixteen, and so if you figured it up, I had enough hours to work ten days a week and I was doing it.

They didn't tell us how much ground they wanted, so we thought, "We'd better go look for houses, we've got to move". So, they had dances every month they'd have a dance or something like that because people didn't have the money.

There's nothing they can do about it. Well, I got it done.

Another shows a tractor buried because it hadn't been used for several years.

Oh, that hurt! It wasn't his title but he ran the school and when I went back after going to Cathedral, the school was a breeze for me 'cause I'd been up to Cathedral, so one day I was sitting there day dreaming, he saw me so he motioned for me to come up to his desk so I went up - He said, "You're wasting your time.

For a long time there, it was ninety percent single men, well, they didn't have their wives here or they weren't married but they were here, and laughs they didn't have TV then, the only recreation they had, well, they had card games, and they would make their own home brew and distill their whiskey, and everything and course, there would be, they had big fights there, you know, we had some killings, well, we did - it's in the paper.

I'm not going to embellish it, I'm just going to tell you the way it was, she doesn't know, she wasn't born here, she's in her thirties, forties, and so she really doesn't know.

And they had to recite and do all their work, you know, somebody was always reciting. BC : Where were you stationed? So you stay there until they are sure that, you know, you're not going to infect somebody else. You clear the mine fields, and you clear the machine gun nests and all this stuff for your Marines, and you guys land first.

They were handed down whenever they outgrew them. So this doctor finally got thirsty and decided that he needed a drink and so he went over there and he lifted the cup and then it dawned on him, "Hey, maybe what this fellow has is contagious.

But anyway, you know - so, I scared them. And since my dad worked on the railroad, I could get a pass and I could get on the train and go anyplace that the Santa Fe had a line, which is one good thing about it.

And so he came over and worked several years, and made a few dollars, so he went back home. BC : Now how long did you live in the house in the village? And then on Sundays.

Whenever these guys jumped off and walk south across the highway. That was an average family about that time.

He was going to come home in two days and got killed, so I think we've done our share, you know. At that time, the government had a big building there, they had bought from somebody. So I went over there and this guy is telling the commissioners, "Keep your money, we don't want your money, we don't want your park" and that's all.

We wouldn't see a soul during the thinning season. Again, Lexus of miami girl had one cup there for everybody, one metal, tin cup and everybody would drink out of it, all the passengers.

I worked for the railroad, too, after I got out of the service. On the east side, between the railroad tracks and Fort Dodge Road was the village, and it was clear up, well, you can see a building there now torn down in late s, and that used to be Adult seeking sex ny kerhonkson 12446 school.

I'll tell you! Mayrath took it over for their offices. Well, they had to be thinned in the summer time, had to space them and cut the weeds between them and in the winter time we would what you call "top them" we would go up there and cut the tops off them so they could haul them up and send them to the beet factory in Garden City so they could make sugar out of them.

LS : Yeh, and then to cook for everyone - most of the time there was about a dozen of us there at home. Well, they said you've got four brothers already serving overseas and you get to stay here.

Anyway, he went to the local city police and told them, Single woman want sex copenhagen didn't know what it was.

Some people came into the studio about thirty minutes later and you couldn't tell who they were because they were covered with dust.

BC : That's what some of your brothers did? I would go up there and listen to their orchestras and to their dances and to watch them.

Every time we got a rain, Oh, it was a mess. Our houses were - you could see through the walls, you know, there was no insulation, and no storm windows. I know this, that part of the handles were eaten. At that time we didn't have insecticides, pesticides, to get rid of them, you know, and the people out there had anything they could get, shovels, or whatever trying to kill them 'cause they came in big clouds, of grasshoppers, we had that here.

That's the first time that I had heard radio and he had no electricity so he had one of these Coleman lanterns, that you put gas in there and pump it up, and it has these mantles, you know, better than what we have now. Cooks family - right across from Excel - they grew a lot of beets there.

I had to scrub all of the, they had one, two, three, four operating rooms.

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I have sinus trouble to this day because of all that dust that we inhaled during the dirty thirties. Need a girl to fuck in erie pennsylvania mb : They had, uh, it's been such a long time, but anyway, they had what they called 1B, 1A, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade.

And after the war I got a nice letter from one of them, and they kept them together He told me, "Boy we're Penthouse gentlemens club albany glad that we were with you 'cause you showed us how to use language and my buddy got hit, he was bleeding to death - he said "I put a tourniquet on him but he was still bleeding so I had to get a hold of a medic, and he came up there and he saved his life.

The Commissioners said "Well, okay. LS : My two older brothers were musicians. Your hands would be so tired you'd have to use your right hand and you had to use your left hand to open your fingers 'cause they would be so tired you couldn't do it.

There were five brothers - they ed the service, from Iowa, either Nebraska or Iowa. So they took the lumber that they had used for the freight house and they built some buildings up here in the village and that's where a lot of Sex pawtucket craigslist people lived.

LS : He kept his job. We had a great big pot bellied stove to, that was our heating system. LS : Gosh, about eight years old. BC : Jump from train to train? So he came over to my house and asked my Dad Sutton coldfield sugar baby he could put up a big pole in our yard and he said, "I have a radio.

Over half of my school mates died because their lungs were damaged by the dust. She'd wet them and put them over the windows and doors in the morning. LS : Lady want real sex girardville, they took a bunch of people because they didn't have these combines that do all the work.

LS : It was important. It was about eight by ten. If she were to Hookers in mckinney ok up in the history of our church, and the history of the cathedral, it tells you in there, well, you know Tim Wenzl?

One would say "Mine are the hottest" "No, mine are the hottest" "Well, let's see. And then tell her when you get through the pictures, bring them with you. Yeh, if you didn't get your contract done in time, sometimes you'd have an early freeze and those beets would freeze - you'd hit 'em with that hook and it would glance and it would hit you right there.

Did your brothers and sisters work also, to help? BC : During your growing up years, you mentioned some of the things, that you described your life in the Mexican village, you mentioned you had a grocery store and the second question, what was the interaction between the Dodge City community and the village.

LS : A lot of them understood but they didn't speak it. He said "You're going to learn it.

And Lambs' Quarters, you guys call them, that' what we ate - we call them "kinipe" that's our vegetables, that's what we had. But anyway, Tim writes about it in "The History of the Sacred Heart Cathedral" he writes about it, and he wrote about the history of Our Lady of Guadalupe church in the village, and it tells about it, that the parents would tell their kids, "You don't want to go to Guadalupe, it's a bad business, you know - so it's nothing that I made up, it's in there, I can show her, it's in the book.

LS : Well, you know where the county jail is? So here's what she said, "Well, Granddad, write - tell me about - you know you talked about one particular dust storm.

Matter of fact, when I went to school, I didn't know one word of English. Well, a man told me, he says, "I can tell you why they ate the soft part of the handles on your tools.

BC : What did your mother do? And so they would come in on the freight trains. Still going full blast. Note the fact that I'm not wearing any socks. They had the cars and the people over here didn't have any cars, so I didn't envy his position because he had the only telephone.

Well, if you have thirteen kids and each one of them kids eats three tortillas, that's thirty-nine right there. LS : My granddaughter - I have a tape of some of the dust storms - some of the stuff, Jackalope drives, dust storms, and some of the but this is from the movie "The Good Earth.

They would come along and just kill them by the thousands. BC : No, I didn't get to see that. This guy that owned the car, he got the contract, but he never told us to take enough food for two weeks, we took enough food for one week, well, it had to do for two weeks, and working fourteen hours day and getting half enough to eat, it just doesn't work.

How many grades did they have? They found out that they were very nutritious. LS : In the family, let me start from the bottom. Half of the people had fingers cut off - you wouldn't know it! BC : It was a quiet time?

That was the Sanchez brothers tree service little rock.

I tried it once and lost all my knuckles cause that thing was made out of lava or volcano rock, it's hard stuff, anyway she had to do it.

Like I said, you couldn't cough or talk - "Heck, get out of here" - we couldn't hear what's going on. It would be so numb, if your fingers slipped up onto the blade and you hit a big beet - if you tried to chop - top a big beet you'd Launceston hedonism resort off some of your fingers.

But some of these people who don't read, don't know that, but that's true, I can show you, there's nothing that hasn't been written about. Not everybody adheres to that but they're supposed to. And the other room had, let's see - maybe the 4th grade was in the second classgo that I was in school there.

I went to the city public library to read the newspaper because we didn't have the two cents to buy them. BC : So was it through the family's help, your brother's working, that the family was able to support itself?

There was - we have a school teacher who criticized me, the Globe interviewed me, one day, Small dick looking for same know, and I was just honest, I answered the questions they asked me.

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At a later point were there any teachers that spoke Spanish? How come you're sending so many guys out? We'd go up there every Sunday and we'd all try to outdo each other.

LS : Oh, yeh. The local police didn't know what it was. I was eleven years old when the April 14,Black Sunday storm struck.

Due to current Sanchez brothers tree service little rock restrictions, face masks and social distancing are required to attend the services.

LS : I never got to finish high school 'cause that's when they started doing away with the village. That's what we ate. Of course, at that time, the doctors would come and make house calls.

One of my nieces, her folks lived on K, Oh no, on L, and she had been trying to get the city to pave L, you know, and she said, I'm not getting anywhere with it. I didn't have to take them to court. When somebody died he had the tools, and he would make, they were just wooden boxes and he'd made them for 'em, you know, and he had a little extra cash.

They would provide a room for them, you know, and a big dining hall there for them.

Then with the older students, they were learning to speak English so they helped us quite a bit, so we got along fine. And, last time I sat down and thought about it, I wanted to say that there's about thirty-five of my classmates that died of tuberculosis because I lived there and like, I said, in the school, too, we only had one cup - everybody used the same cup.

LS : I didn't get to go overseas. I started working for the railroad after I got out of the service, it must have been I started working for the railroad inI guess, a couple of years after I got out of the service.

He said, "I shave a couple of questions to ask you. Rudy passed away and he was a school teacher but he got drafted even East pensacola heights sex bido the war started, and he was in Pearl Harbor about a year before they even bombed Pearl Harbor, of course, and the government wasn't putting out any information.

LS : There wasn't any. And then they moved the village over here to Avenue J. You know where the church is - probably not, Avenue J. You cut across tracks from there, that's were the roundhouse was - that's a drainage ditch there - on the west of the ditch, that was the roundhouse. He had more batteries than the radio and Online pen pals bendigo my dad let him put that pole in our yard, he would, about once a month, he'd let us come over there and he'd turn the radio on 'cause we didn't have electricity and so he would turn the radio on Yuma escort back pages batteries, and boy, you'd better not make any sounds when you were there, or your parents would say, "Let's go, Let's go, Let's go.

And then he was all over this part of the country. I was working, I keep telling people I worked ten days a week. I had two other brothers who worked for the railroad, too. The studio was on the second floor and the stairwell was so dark I had to crawl up the stairs.

Well, that was the first village. I had to - you hold it sugar beet top knife between your legs. You have taken it upon yourself to speak for 99 percent of the people who lived over here in the east end of town, I said "No" and I told the commissioners, I said, "you all hang on.

I'd have to look at the deal. The dust storms lasted several years and a lot of people died of dust storm pneumonia. I got ahead of my class because like I said, when I first went to school I didn't know one word of English so when I went to Cathedral, these kids, I think I was about fourth grade, they already had had a few years of religious instructions which I hadn't had, and they knew the language which I was trying to catch up so I had to really apply myself but in the long run it was a good deal because I had to work twice as hard as they did to even keep up with them so when I came back to Coronado School, I was way ahead of my classmates.

Is he a deaf mute? At that time, you know, Tom Mix, Ken Maynard, all these cowboys, they were "it" so we'd go up there we'd open the alleys, and be a block and a half long, and we'd race bareback on them horses, the manure would be four or six inches deep and we'd go up there just hanging on to the Free sex clubs. I don't think I can count on doing that.

Them locomotives would come in and they had deep wells in them. He said, "Your life expectancy is about 90 seconds once you hit the shore. So I think they had four or five grades in one classroom.

Sullivan was their name. That's when they put it over here on the north side, starting from Avenue B. It was a long building. LS : I could tell you a story but too many relations are still alive and but anyway. We'd chop 'em up and we used them to heat that stove up and so that was pretty nice.

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So, I've picked up a little of everything. So then they said, "No, you can't have that - if they kill all the boys, there isn't anyone to carry on the family name.

I started working at St. Anthony Hospital. And, when I come back, you know, finished my way at Coronado, I was way ahead of them.

We didn't have refrigerators - matter of fact, we didn't have electricity in the village for Lord knows how long. We had the stockyards there, too. The Mexican village teachers were dedicated - I'll give them credit for that.

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They told him, "You don't write, you don't say anything," because they didn't want the Japanese to know how many casualties they had caused or what was happening so we didn't know for a long time whether he was dead or alive 'cause we knew he was in the Medical Corps, we didn't know whether he had been killed during the attack and, heck, it was probably six months before we heard them but they moved him to the Mariannas and some other islands when they attacked Pearl Harbor and for six months we didn't know - we didn't know anything about it.

So It's nothing new. I think that's what caused me to have some allergies because of all that dust that I inhaled. In the summer time 'course we didn't have school, do you know what we did for recreation?

They would be dry and European massage new high wycombe would shake them and have this big chunk of mud fall off, that helped a lot but still we inhaled a lot of that dust.

I was born here in Dodge and I've lived here all my life. Outcall escorts in gaithersburg like to make the joke that at that time we didn't have television, so we had to have something to do! Heck, I was there for three hours, I got sunburned, but I couldn't get rid of the.

In the summer it was cool and in the winter it was warm. We had our own school. So then, consequently, they made the railroad, that's where your Dixie cups came in, they made the railro put in these Dixie cups so everybody would have their own drinking cup and they also made they made them put in the paper towels because they had them railroad towels laughs but if you were the fourth or fifth person to go in Mega dick shemale and you washed your hands, that towel would be all wet and whatever they had, you would catch.

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