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Friday before f. Second Thursday 32 St. John's, Blackfriars, London, First Monday. Paul's, Port Sullivan, Milam co Saturday on or aft.

George's, Greenwich, Third Wednesday. De Witt coTuesday on or bf. Mellen, Densontown, Rankin co Sat. Lackey, Senasha Camp Gds. Louis, 1st and 3d Thursdays 2 Meridian, South St. Louis, 2d and 4th Fridays 3 Beacon, St.

Washington, St. Louis co Thursday before full m. Lawrence, Laurencekirk, Operative, Dumfries, St.

John, Campbelton, First Wednesday St. Lawrence, Forres, St. Barchan, Kilbarchan, 1st Friday St.

Stephen, Gatehouse of Fleet, 1st Friday St. John, Dumbarton, St. James, Doune, St. Brice, Kirkcaldy, St. James, Old Monkland, St.

Patrick, Glasgow, 1st Thursday St. Adrian, Pittenween, Last Thursday St. John, Carluke, 4th Tuesday, St. George, Aberdeen, Every other Tuesday St.

John, Muthil, St. John Operative Rothes, Caledonia St. John R. Winnock, Garthland, St. Johnstone, St. Andrew, Glenbuck, Lockhart, St.

James, Peterhead, St. John, Galashiels, Fraser, Strichen, St. Andrew, Lochlee, Last Friday St. Peter, Thurso, Airly, Kerriemuir, St. John, Woodhall, 1st Concord ts girls St.

John Royal Arch, Saltcoats, St. John Operative, Rutherglen, St. Clair, do 2d Monday.

John's, Stratford, Wed. Paul's, Litchfield, Wed. Mark's, Tariffville, Wednesday on or b. Michael's, Holborn, London, Second Tuesday. John's, Peru, 1st and 3d Thursday. Speed Smith, Willisburg, Washington coSaturday before f.

Matthew's, Andover, Thursday on orb. John the Evangelist-all others on that of St.

John the Baptist. 47 IOWA. Pontiac, Pontiac, U. D Dills, Breckenbridge, Hancock co 4.

Louis, 2d and 4th Wednesdays 80 Bridgeton, Bridgeton, St. Louis co Monday before full m.

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LO DG. Helier's, Third londay. The arrangement of the work we believe to be perfect.

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Mary's, Perryville, Perry co Saturday before f. Andrew's, Bangor, Friday on or preceding f. Craven, Dresden, Navarro co Saturday on or aft. We have performed our part faithfully, and have even done more than we promised. Peter's, Wolverhampton, First Thursday. The subscribers' names are also arranged in alphabetical order in each State, and where five or more subscribers resided in one town we have placed the name of the town in a separate line, above the names of the subscribers.

John's, Norwichville, Wednesday on or bef. 49 IOWA. Baker, Eben. 46 IOWA. Pegase, Berlin Pilgrim, Berlin Fredr. Considering the vastness of the undertaking, and the limited time and little help we had, we have accomplished fully as much as was reasonably to be expected.

Paul's, Rockport, Monday on or preced'g f. Charles, Monday before f. Clair, Belleville,'St. Andrew's, Toronto, Second Tuesday 17 St. John's, Cobourg, Monday on or before f. John's, Wellington, Shropshire, First Friday.

Sterling, Brown co Saturday on or bef. Andrew's, West Winsted, Wednesday before f. LoD E. Thomas, Arbroath, Second Wednesday 41 St. Michael, Dumfries, 65 Stonehaven, Stonehaven, 66 St. Regulus, Cupar-of-Fife, 78 St.

David, Dundee, First Wednesday 79 Fuck girls in 80504. Duthus, Tain, 83 St. Andrew, Crail. Thomas, St. Andrew's, Caledonia, Wednesday on or bef.

Hiram, Baltimore, 1st and 3d Tuesdays U. Centre, do 1st and 3d Wednesdays U. Mystic Circle, do 1st and 3d Mondays. Joseph, Buchanan co 1st and 3d Saturdays. Craft, Greensboro'. Annawan, Henry co Sat.

Tuesday on or bf.

Australia Mystic moon massage newmarket.

I-Halifax co Saturday after full m. Aurelius, Mlacksburgh, Washington co U.

Edenton, Edenton, Clermont co U. Stafford, Stafford, Monroe co U. Olancho, Dayton, Montgomery co 2d and 4th Mondays U. Amesville, Amesville, Athens co Monday on or bef. Friends hot mom lakewood, Wed.

Second Thursday 18 Tyre, Coldwater. Qf or pre'g f. Paul's Butlerville, Butlerville, Tuesday on or b. China, Wednesday on or bef. John's, Hamilton, Third Thursday 41 St.

George's, Kingsville, Thursday on or before f. John, Dumbarton, Last Thursday 19 St. John, Cupar-of-Fife, 20 St. Andrew, St. Andrew's, 26 Dumferline, Dumferline, 27 St. John, Falkland, 36 St. David, Edinburgh, Third Tuesday 37 St.

John Operative, Forres, First Tuesday. Bluffton, Jackson, Rockford, Monday on or bf. Germantown, Germantown, Shelby co Last Tuesday. Union, Lloyd town, Monday on or before f.

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Pulaski, Mt. Pulaski, Logan co Wednesday bef. John's, Pittston, Luzerne co Tuesday on or b.

Francisville, Clark co Saturday before f. Helena, Greensburg, St. George's, Warren,' Monday on or before f. Davis,Mount Morris, Ogle co Saturday on or b.

John's, Salvisa, Friday Mystic moon massage newmarket f.

Thomas's, Freemason's Tav. John's, Hampstea. Thurs on or bef.

Washington, Chilicothe, Monday on or bf. George's, St. Catherine's, Tuesday on or before f. Morehead, Morelands P. McCorkle, Brownsville Stephen F.

Ark, Millerstown, Grayson co U. Baltimore, Baltimore, Hickman co U. Miller's Creek, R. Sales, Estills co U. Kane, Bardstown U. Melone, Jeffersontown. John, Columbus, Saturday on or bf.

George's, Owen Sound, Wednesday on or bef. It will be useful not alone as a book of reference, but will awaken a thousand kind and pleasant recollections of absent and endeared friends, and serve as a guide and text-book to the future Masonic biographer.

The subscribers to this work will find that it is much more comprehensive than it was first supposed. Corinthian, Peterboro', Wednesday on or bef. Tuesday on or bef. Tuesday on or before f. Metcalf, Botland, Nelson co 1st and 3d Saturdays L. Cox, Fruit Hill, Christian co Saturday after f.

L:wis, Lewis, U. Fontanelle, Fontanelle. Mark's, Fiddletown, Amador, Saturday next f. French, do 1st and 3d Mondays Dawson, do 2d and 4th Mondays.

The typography of the work cannot be excelled. Wataga, Wataga, Knox co U. D Windsor, Windsor, Slelby co U. Prophetstown, Prophett'n, Whlzitei. Graham, Smith's Grove, Alma co Saturday b. John's, Newport, 2 St. John's, Providence, Wednesday before f.

Johnsbury, Thurs. HIidson, lanhattan, Putnam co IT. Monrovia, Monrovia, Morgan co U.

North Liberty, North Liberty, St. Joseph co U. Xenia, Xenia, liami co U. Brazil, Brazil, Clay co Tuesday on or b. Rawson; Pecatonica, Winnebago co Monday on or bef. George's, North Shields, First Monday.

Clair co Tuesday before f. Louis co 1st and 3d Wedn. Fourth Monday Williamsport, Lycoming, Monday of or Massage with happy ending scranton county. Joseph Valley, Niles, Tuesday on or before f.

Germain, Selby, First Friday. Lawrence, Canton, St. Lawrence co Steuben, Bath, Steuben co Tuesday on or beff.

Martin's, Liskeard, Cornwall, Second Tuesday. George, Louisville, 2d and 4th Fridays St. Mary's, Concord, Saturday after full m. Monday before full moon 73 Tyrian, Minot, Thursday on or before f. John's, Newburyport, Wednesday on orb. Alban's, Marshall, Friday on or before f.

Mark's, Woodstock, McHenry co Tuesday on or bef. Austle, Cornwall, Wedn. Lawrence co U. John's, Smithville, Wentworth, Wentworth, Sat.

Paul's, Beatty's. Paris, South Paris, Boston young swingers. Monument, Houlton, Second Wednesday U.

Temple, Winthrop, Monday before full moon. Clair co Tuesday on or b. John's, South Berwick, Tuesday on or before f. John's, Fantasy sex rooms in usa Court-House, Saturday bef: f.

Elkton, Cecil co W. Every Monday 96 Monumental. John's, St. Excelsior, Grass Lake, U. Reading, Readiig. Wise, W. Brown's, Mercer co Thursday on or bef. Sterling, Van Buren, Saturdayprecedingf. Luke's, Kent, Tuesday before f.

Alban's Foxboro', Thursday on or b. Nebo, Carlinville, Macoupin co Saturday bef. The proper names of the subscribers precede the given or Christian, as in all directories.

John L. Among whorI it will be sufficient to name only the following, who are endeared to the craft no less for their virtues than their high masonic attainments, viz. John's, Middletown, st Friday, Mar. Bridgeport, Every Wednesday 4 Do. Hartford, 1st and 3d Wed.

John's, Norwalk, Thursday on or beff. Mark's, Cape Girardeau, Tuesday before f. Warden, Wiota.

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John's, Union, Trinity, St. John's, First Friday E. John's, do First Tuesday I. Stephen's, Wed. Andrew's, S. Andrew's, Frederickton, E. Mark's, St. Andrew's, First Wednesday E. John's, First Thursday E. Stephen's, First Tuesday E.

George, E. Stephen's, do E. Andrew's, Frederickton, St. John's; St. Andrew's, Halifax, 1st Tuesday E. John's, do 1st Monday E. George's, Lower Horton, George's and Corner-stone, Do Second Monday.

James's, Maitland, Monday on.

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Helen's, Hartlepool, urham, First Friday. Obion co Saturday on or bef. Croix, Hudson, St. Croix co 57 St.

John's Whitewater, Walworth co Wedn. OHIO. Buford, Buford's Bridge, Barnwell district U. Catawba, Fort Mill, U. Star, Graniteville. Washington, Chelsea Washington, Berryville, Clarke co Monday after f m. Moriah, Hillsboro', Montgomery coThursdayon or bef. Francis, Melbourne, First Thursday 68 -St.

James, Tarbolton. Andrew's, Quebec. Catharine's, Thursday on or after f. David's, Berwick, First Tuesday. Ward, Newport, Thursday on or bf. John's, Boston, 1st Monday St. Mark's, Newburyport, Tuesday on or bef. Allen, Green county, Saturday before f.

John's, New-Castle, Wednesday before f. Albans, Bristol, Thursday before f. Vernon, Westchester co 2d and 4th Wed. Westchester co 2d and 4th Wednesdays Delta, Brooklyn, Kings co. Vernon, Jefferson co. Thomas, Quebec.

Combining thus, in one volume, the practical with the agreeable, it will be a future companion of high value when the present generation has passed away.

Mitchell, French Camps, Choctaw, Saturday after f. John's, Springfield, Tuesday preced'g f.

Cassia, Sylvan, Monday on or before f.

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Loge von Niedersachsen, Hamburg. Bartram, Media, Delaware co Monday on or bef. Anthony, 1st and 3d Saturdays 3 St. Paul, St. Cloud, St. Pleasant, N. LOi -E.

Stocking, Stephen Mystic moon massage newmarket.

Francis, Smith's Falls, Friday on or before f. Joaquin, Sat. Valley, Foreman's Ranche, S. Joaquin co Fourth Tuesday U. Napa City, Napa City. John's, New-York, 2d and 4th Thursdays 2 Ind.

John's, Greenfield, Saratoga co, Wedn. Louis, St. Louis, Sierra co Sat. Joaquin Saturday Wife swap neuchatel or b. John's, do 1st and 3d Wedn 44 Mount Ararat. Patrick's, Danville, Sumter co Friday before f.

Hyde, Manchester, Tuesday near full moon. Washington, Clinton, Greene co Second Saturdly. Paul's, Groton, Monday on or b.

No expense has been spared in the getting up of the book. Andrew's, London, Second Monday.

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Quincy, Quincy, U. Benjamin, Camp Point, Adams co U. Waucondia, Waucondia, Lake co U. Mechanicsburgh,Mechanicsburgh, U. Hanover, Hanover, Jo Daviess co U. Durand, Durand, Winnebago co U. Raven, Oswego U. Cement, Utica, La Salle co U. Harrisburgh, Harrisburgl, Saline co.

The lodges are arranged numerically in each jurisdiction, and the States and territories of the United States in alphabetical order. Friday bef.

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James, Williamsport, Maury co Tuesday on or bf. Paul's, Alsted, Thursday on or bef. John, Bury, Lancashire, Tuesday on or bef.

Mark's, Gold Hill, Merriwether co Thursday, each alt. Montezuma, Montezuma, U. D Livonia, Livonia, U. Newport, Newport, U. Greentown, Greentown, U. North Eastern, Brockville, Fremont P. Pennville, East chattanooga massage east chattanooga outcall, Pennville, P.

IMoorefield, Moorefield,' U. Sullivan, Sullivan, Sullivan co U. Winemac, Winemac, Pulaski co U. Troy, Troy, Perry co U. Winslow, Winslow, Pike co U.

Independence, Independence, Madison co U. Prairie, Rensselaer, Jasper co.

Clair, Schuylkill co Tuesday on or bef. The type being all new; the paper is of a superior quality, and the binding neat and substantial. Pond, Hartland, do. No DG. John's St. Providence, U. Amelia, Fernandina, 1st and 8d Thursdays U.

Douglass, White Springs, Hamilton co. Brothers Albert Pike, B. French, Rob. Morris, Winslow Lewis, T. Parvin, J. Fellows, A. Pierson, PR. Daniel, Edw. Stewart, W. The members of the order, also, with very rare exceptions indeed, wherever the object and de of this work was presented to their notice, have not only heartily approved of it, but.

Stephens, St. John's, Holly Springs, Ouachita, Friday on or bef. John's, Salvisa, Friday precedin f.

James's, St. Mary's, First Monday 74 "St. Warren, Fingal, Second Thursday U. Doric, Brantford, Friday on or before f. Andrew's, Freemason's Tav. John's, Wigton, Cumberland, Do St. John's, Bolton, Fourth Wednesday.

Horeb, Lincoln, Wednesday on or bef. Nicholas, Aberdeen, 1st and 3d Wednesdays 95 St. Ayle, Anstruther, 97 St. Magdalene, Lochmaben, First Monday St. Vigean, Arbroath, St.

Andrew, Aberdeen, St. John, Fisherrow, Mt. Mary, Glasgow, Second Friday St. Bride, Douglas, St. John, Johnshaven, St. Peter, Montrose, All jackson free dating site. John, Glasgow, Second Tuesday St.

Miirin,'Paisley, First Monday. Charles, St. Nation, 94 Richmond, Richmond, St. Kane, Nevada, Nevada co Friday pre. Scio, Wellsville, Allegany co Tuesday on or bef.

Murfreesboro', Rutherford,Sat. James, Henryville, Lawrence co Wed. Taylor, Mount Carmel, Smith co Saturday after f. Brittain, Social Chap. Andrew's, Hobart, Delaware co Monday on or bef.

Friday on or bt: f. Stanbridge, Stanbridge, Wednesday on or bef. Charles co Monday after f. Clair co Thursday preced'g f. Paul's, Brandon, Wednesday of f. The lists of lodges and their places of meeting are complete, and the times of meeting are all correct so far as we could get the information, which, in some few cases, was impossible.

Landry parish 28 St. Francisville, W. Joseph, St. Mary's parish 88 Many, Many, Sabine parish 89 Cypress. John's, Underbank, Stockport, Second Monday. Notwithstanding the very liberal subscription, as will be seen by the following s, but few of our brethren lent a helping hand to promote its success.

FridaysSchuylkill Haven, Friday on or b. Alabama Floyd Co. Washington Co. Joseph's Co. Wabash Co. New-Orleans, District of Colu bia Washington, Be ; Dexter, Washtenaw Wife want real sex wv kenova 25530. Jackson Co.

Lawrence Co. Louis, ; St. Buchanan Alien Co. Indianapolis, Marion Co. Cincinnati, ; Birmingham, ; Rhode Island Morrow, Warren Co. uned. John and St. Fidelity, Crewe, Cheshire. To the freemasons of the city of New-York we refer with much pride as appreciating the value of the publication, and, indeed, to the members of the order generally wherever the work was brought to their notice.

Clairsville, Belmont co Wed. OHI0.

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Arnaud St. Andrew's, St. John's, Carleton Place, Wednesday bef. Thursday preced'g f. Allegany, Friendship, Allegany co Friday on or bef. Joseph, Thursday on or before f.

Mary's St. Miller, Thomson, Columbia co. Teilo, Llandilo, 3d Thursday St.

Grand Masters' Freemasons' Hall,?

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