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The war is over. The US military is going through a PR crisis with the Osprey issue and, well, Okinawans just being fed up with so much of their prime land - from their point of view - wasted.

It is part of a - conscious or not - neo-colonialist attitude consisting in going to a foreign country and telling them that they should change their ways because they are 'wrong'. I cannot judge the crime statistic.

Figures from the Okinawa prefectural police show the percentage of crimes committed by this group has fallen from a high in of 6. And as someone said ly, even traffic tickets that American servicemen Asian nuru massage revere are counted as criminal Yes the people built their houses and schools around the bases, It's just natural that they wanted to build their new houses near their ancestral villages even if they had been bulldozed and transformed into american military bases.

All are punished for the actions of a few. Nicely done. In cases where something isn't a crime in the U. The punishment is blanket. Are you freaking kidding me? You KNOW they wanted to. Anyone can make the s say what the want.

Even if you took ALL of the 40, or so U. In fact, if you have a decent-sized stadium in Naha they'd ALL fit in there! Okinawa can't trust Japanese government anymore. This sad case with the Japanese Escort latinas en decatur ohio and two US morons is just putting it at light.

Dream View Map Service starts from Soapland silver spring usa, Yen for minutes.

If Nakaima and the lawmakers had their way, however, the Ryukyus would be taken back by China before too long, then they wouldn't be able to complain at all.

How would you feel if they took up 20 percent of the prime land in that area, with huge bases, that you have to go around for several kilometres if you don't have a pass? I find it interesting that the only statistic Okinawans are interested in is zero for crimes committed by members of the U.

Maybe if those same s were applied to crimes committed here in Okinawa, there might be a reduction in crimes committed by Okinawans also. Their "experimental" phases have been over for a while.

There ya go! Japan and it's people like to think that they are ethnocentric and their views of Real manchester prostitutes world are extrememly narrow.

Mary, Was your comment fired in my direction? Fact: There are plenty of people in Okinawa, quite possibly a silent majority, that are apathetic to the bases being here and in fact view them as a viable source of steady and stable employment.

And the F is operationally restricted due to systems failures. Most of the time it comes from a simplified vision of the world where they are in possession of the 'universal' truth and anything that deviates from that is wrong.

Enemy of Okinawa is not US military. Notice maybe that I wasn't specifically complaining, just pointing out that 2 years and 30 years doesnt matter, the Tgirl escorts lawrence are the same.

The percentages used are vague at best it does not detail what percentage of violent crimes are included in the count. Case in point, you wrote by way of conclusion: The J-government succumbed to the U. Oh, yeah, books. What I tell you. That said, to be sure, those who know you intimately do not lump you in with the larger population of American troops.

Perhaps that is because they've had other people protecting them for so long that they've lost a step or two when reading the world Blacktown island escorts. There is much good about the U.

The world is not going to adapt to the U. While some may find it insulting it does not change the truth.

First, you historiography has its problems. Okinawa is an island for holidays with kawaii mini pineapples. Just give the two guys to the okinawan police! Tell someone who's been living in Okinawa for two years that they're just a "guest". I say just a lack of perspective Ah, the bottom of the barrel retort -- the answer when you cannot come up with any viable argument for debate.

Quoting statistics and pointing out that a newspaper article made a mistake about which branch of the forces the two baboons who made the news recently with a rape doesn't make the acts of violence committed by US military against local Okinawans inificant.

Furthermore, they declined an offer to assist the military in investigating by saying they already did so. Uh, no. American servicemen, their families, and the workers brought in from the U. So tell me why Americans shouldn't be upset?

How about keeping all male marines on other islands?? Fact: The US Military has done an outstanding job in improving the behavior of it's troops in Okinawa, no matter what any politician or press statement may say otherwise. Use your Facebook to or register with JapanToday.

I didn't say anything about America or America's military being superior. Around the same time that this situation happened??? Which means, Japan chooses to continue its security alliance with the US. Warts and All. I was alluding to, oh, uhm, uh Tell someone who has been living here for over 30 years, built a home, bought land, raised children, paid taxes, something the US military really don't do, that they are just a guest and you just might start to understand that it's also a part of a larger not openly discussed problem.

Guess what folks? They only get primary jurisdiction if the crime was against U. Any other situations and Japan has primary jurisdiction.

As for this kind of attitude, it is pure irony that it would lead them to call others 'ethnocentric'. So if anything it is even MUCH less statistically!! Not only guests, but long-term guests and, to many in Okinawa, guests who are no longer welcome. Mary Marylander: "and, why do you continue to be in japan?

I wonder how many rapes and other violent crimes committed by Japanese occurred in Okinawa over the past 12 months? Foreign crime is totally unacceptable to Japanese people, and what it makes worse here is that the US Military are invited guests so the politicians feel that as a guest they should be perfect.

Because once they had milked enough money off the bases to live on their own, forgetting how desperate they were with hands out after the war, they forgot how they survived and made a living and decided they needed to whine about something.

Whereas there isn't space for a whole b-o-o-k here, this is an article that might impart a little understanding. There is no point whining about it.

Maybe they are learning from the current American administration whose Secretary of State has declared, "never let a crisis go to waste.

I guess they need more rapes, property damage, public fights, taxi drivers stabbed, and other misc alcohol related incidents. Facebook users Use your Facebook to or register with JapanToday.

I see the katakana frequently on a-side Soapland silver spring usa but I didn't figure it out for awhile.

We don't have protests at the gate demanding that the base close because the town of Silver Spring had the unmitigated gall to grow around it.

That's as far as most Japanese think about Okinawa. Female of all races should be able to enjoy an outing without fear of being rape and the government together with the US military authority Okinawa base should ensure that such a safe environment which means a lot more education for the "guest"prior to their posting as well cultural understanding between two nations.

The U. That's not an "experimental" aircraft by any definition of the word. The result is that they are dependent on another country to keep them sovereign, and like it or not Okinawa is the key piece of real estate in that theatre. As the use of Okinawa Island for the US Military base is an Massage blowjob wigan between Japan and the United State then it is up to the Japan and US government to arrived at a some form of solution to safe guard the safety of the locals and in doing so also allow the US military personnel to enjoy the Okinawan hospitality.

While I cant fault these folks for wanting the burden to be shifted elsewhere, approaching the issue from a position of exaggeration and hyperbole isn't really the way to go.

The lack of education regarding acceptance of things and people that are different affect everyone. Funny how people are, expecting what one can not do themselves. The woman in the picture holding the poorly phrased "No Rape Waukegan beautiful girl sex Base" should be opposite order, really The US forces are more than just 'guests' in Japan.

Oh, good gawd people! One of the sailors admitted to the crime, while the other denied it.

They just know it's the kind of crime on which they can take the moral high ground to get what they want. I'm not from Korea, Mary, so your attempt at insult of both me and that nation are moot. That is the issue for many in Japan. They would, if anything, rally to stop sexual assault all over Okinawa, and for the most part, that would mean confronting bosses, employers, friends and family The woman said the sailors followed her home and intercepted her outside her home.

It's a funny thing, though. That's what being in the military means. InObama snubbed Hatoyama and weeks later Hatoyama reed and was replaced Sassy girl derry united kingdom the more U.

Kan immediately confirmed that the Futenma base issue would proceed according to the US desire. Fact: The issue is at best emotionally charged and it's hard for people to think clearly when emotions are involved. Okinawans sometimes act like they believe that, "If only the Americans would leave, Acompanantes latinas en manchester ut our troubles would be over!

This is how they inflate the s to show how "evil" the Americans are. I understand your beefs but they shudnt use this unfortunate cases like this to persue their goals Awwww Okinawa says U. And perhaps Japan's military not doing enough to protect Japan. Or for any assault for that matter?

Japan has no alternative than to preserve its alliance relationship with the U. Many Americans do not want to admit to Obama's hand in Hatoyama's ouster. They are in Japanese custody, Japanese are investigating with full assistance from the US, and they will face Japanese justice.

I got out of the navy in And i am happy to not be there any more Just running my own business in tokyo. At least most Europeans I have met do not Maryborough massage with a happy ending it and certainly don't spend all day on websites whining about it.

They have been sacrificing so much for mainland Japan but mainlander don't really care about them. I guess it would be much better for you to go back to your beloved Korea where American soldiers are loved so much. LMAO at this I never shared how I have been treated, you assume too much here.

I do not, by the way, hate America or Americans. MM: any proof that the young enlisted mostly men from America are "highly civilised"? Elbuda Mexicano. US troops are guests. Yes the people built their houses and schools around the bases, but it's their land, and it's their choice.

On another note regarding the resolution and its critique of the SOFA: The agreement limits the authority of Japanese investigators to prosecute U.

Regardless, here is the rebuttal: SOFA Article XVII, Paragraph 3: In cases where the right to exercise jurisdiction is concurrent the following rules shall apply: a The military authorities of the United States shall have the primary right to exercise jurisdiction over members of the United States armed forces or the civilian component in relation to: i offenses solely against the property or security of the United States, or offenses solely against the person or prop erty of another member of the United States armed forces or the civilian component or of a dependent; ii offenses arising out of any act or omission done in the performance of official duty.

Famous for its wide open Soapland silver spring usa and cold winters.

God knows if that was the other way around, there would be protests everywhere again. Fact: The US Military is not going to stand and wait around for the Japanese government is going to do with their thumbs up their you know where, in deciding to improve and update their capabilities, ie the Osprey.

Anyone who has been near these bases knows of the seedy nightlife and bars! Bogus statement. Maybe if you treated the Japanese with respect as your host meaning you act like a guest instead of complaining that they do not do enough to accept you, you might be treated differently.

Now Nakaima is trying hard to draw attention from mainland. Those guys are all over these articles talking about crime statistics, how the Okinawans are responsible for the overcrowding at Futenma and for not allowing the move to Henokohow Okinawa would become a Chinese colony tomorrow if the US left today, and how the US presence in Japan has brought the highly beneficial Western civilization and culture to the area.

I understand your beefs but they shudnt use this unfortunate cases like this to persue their goals.

Most japanese that are out partying, tend to stay at a place until the next morning. The requested article has expired, and is no longer available.

Like I said, a small fraction of Okinawans would be happy with nothing My aunt blew me than all troops removed from Japanese soil well, they'd stop caring if they just left Okinawathen the night before the troops left and abandoned the bases Nakaima would insist on a big enkai and get all teary-eyed, talk about how much he respects and appreciates what they've done, then two minutes after the US left the Okinawans would whine that there is no one to defend them, with many blaming the US forces and central government.

While the newspapers have to continue to use "alleged" Cheap gay escorts in elyria the trial has been held, confessions usually make the term "alleged" moot.

Here's a reality check: Okinawa is not the home of US troops. Americans - just get out! It is not their responsibility or obligation to meet the expectations of visitors and non-citizen residents or make them feel welcome. In any armed force anywhere in the world, the attitude is "all is one and one is all.

I am not however blind to the reality of how Japanese view foreigners in general. Is it an actual quote, or is it the opinion of the article's author? Okinawa's issues run much, much deeper than the US military being there. If you don't like these things, you don't belong in a military organization.

BertieWooster I find it interesting that the only statistic Okinawans are interested in is zero for crimes committed by members of the U. Bertie: "Apart from anything else, we need the space. Fact: The minimum wage on Okinawa is yen per hour, raised to that on October 25th, the people who work on base would end up in poverty or worse if the bases closed.

IMHO none is wrong but both put together is explosive. Any stats for the "low crime rates at least by Jpns standards"?

Does anyone know what is under the airstrip at Futema??? One could make the argument that the percentage could be even lower. Just running my own business in tokyo ; My heart goes out to all servicemen in japan who are punished for another's actions.

Armies are best used as a deterrent.

This cookie is used to store the user consent Soapland silver spring usa the cookies in the category "Necessary".

It certainly wasn't the US. Who insisted on mass suicides and scared the population with lies about the US. It wasn't the Americans. I am not affected in any way by the actions of the US Military here in Okinawa. You did. Nakaima can have his day in Washington but he's not going to win any sympathy if he keeps spouting what is starting to sound like nothing more than anti-American hatred!

If you are with the US, congratulations for stating the obvious.

I thought it was interesting how that Japanese teenager murdered an American teenager over a Liam coffs harbour sullivan gay, and I dont remember seeing a whole lot of coverage on that.

They have yet to Embrace Defeat. Armed Forces. But what the military has done over the past three decades is phenomenal in regards to their efforts to improve their relationship with the local communities and cut down on crimes.

By doing so, you will also receive an inviting you to receive our news alerts. But I guess that also is'nt newsworthy. Herve Nmn L'Eisa. I smell foul play. There is no one who has been living here for any lenght of time that can say with of straight face that Japanese people are tolerant of foreigners.

From Soapland silver spring usa to U.

Mary Marylander. This kind of disingenuous campaign to stop rape by eliminating the bases is pathetic. As a retired US Service member who has served proudly in Okinawa, I am truly outraged by the Xvideos ladyboy reston of these two.

So the use of the American military did not bring peace to Japan in ? So, I ask you, do you pay it voluntarily? Fadamor, it's so easy to manipulate figures, isn't it? Japan painted themselves into a corner by rejecting the military after WWII though I can understand their thinking at the time.

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We Americans have no business there period. As in any society it is unrealistic to expect zero incidents. The treaty is a two way street and U. In fact, he was the first to plant an American flag there. It is not for you to determine your status in a foreign nation.

Because the guys down in Okinawa holding these demo's don't care about the crime. Cmon now ; These two guys werent even stationed in japan!!! The J-government succumbed to the U.

Okinawa may be a problem for Japan but getting out of this is likely to be messy. To the person who downrated my comment: And perhaps Japan's military not doing enough to protect Japan. Having lived here for as long as you describe, how they think should be well-known to you and, yet, you continue to live here with this understanding Notice maybe that I wasn't specifically complaining, just pointing out that 2 years and 30 years doesnt matter, the attitudes are the same.

I wonder Tantric massage in east pensacola well the Chinese will control their military personnel when they take over in Okinawa.

It is doubtful that America will ever voluntarily give it up. Which btw is extremely hard to find anywhere else on island. YES, crimes occur, be it by US soldiers or Japanese nationals, and you can bet your bottom dollar that every other US soldier on Japanese soil is extremely upset with the two numbskulls in question.

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I'm sure land developers would have wet dreams about using that much flat land for development, but you don't hear them crying about the military "taking prime land". Your last sentence there is interesting. If you are in the military, you exist to obey orders.

I was on the kitty hawk in when all personnel was put on cinderella liberty before midnight, back on the boat To my understanding This system was stopped last monday???

In many cases, yes, and most certainly with the call for a war of attrition from Imperial headquarters, as well as the forced suicides and murders which many will deny, especially Abe! The facts still remain either way -- Okinawans who built around the base did so to live and profit, and now they're complaining despite the fact that MANY still depend on the bases to live, not to mention the bases protect them.

So you think Japan does not have a choice. I am most often a US advocate although I will not condone everything they do. Especially if we act like those scum.

They, the Okinawan politicians want perfection. Talk about ignoring the elephant in the room! Perhaps one of those might find an adult to help them with the bigger words. As such it is going to get the majority of the bases. Lonely women in apollo annex florida ruined and continues to ruin Okinawa, not the US.

Great reading! That is a fact of life here. It is refreshing.

Same-sex sexual activity was legalized in after the installation Soapland silver spring usa the Napoleonic Code and the age of consent is currently equalized.

Let's step into reality! Do you think high rates of unemployment, low working wages, lowest standard test scores In fact, some of these things would get worse.

Open Minded. How I would feel is completely irrelevant to this article But I'm wondering what "experimental" aircraft you are talking about?

I am curious: do you not think that Japan's security alliance with the US is voluntary on Japan's part? Here's a pro tip: Get the crime committed by your OWN people down to an equivilent percentage before you start demanding that the U. Military reduce their crime further. I always thought it was the Japanese the destroyed Okinawa during the war.

That's why every japanese parents, especially those with teenage daughters, envy the people of Okinawa, Iwakuni, etc. If the people of Okinawa really gave a toss about the poor girl who Brothel house bristol assaulted and many others like her, they wouldn't use her as a lighting rod to serve their political agenda of getting rid of the bases.

Sadly whether you are with them or not, prepare to be condemned for making this suggestion.

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The politicians know this too, don't under-estimate the people of Okinawa they know it's unrealistic too but the politicians are just being politicians, by focusing on the military it keeps people from focusing on the lousy jobs they are doing overall. There are many foreigners who do not have the same experience as you in this regard and are quite well accepted within their communities.

And yet the Osprey continues to have systems problems which require constant upgrades.

The area around the existing bases was for the large part a of tiny villages and farm land. Detained them for what the girl accused them of without testing anything In my day, you served time in japanese jail for a crime, then serve the military's time in jail for the same crime they turned the two guys over to the military Declined the military from investigating Now this guy is going to DC???

And she yelled rape How else would she have been able to Fuck in oman done, and not been beat up if nothing was consentual???

Japan tried but U. Inwhen Hatoyama became a PM of Japan, the Obama administration was aware that there was a section of politicians in Japan who sought distance from U.

In particular, right-wing nationalists vouched for reducing reliance on the U. Hatoyama was probably articulating his foreign policy in conformity with the national mood but at the end it proved disastrous.

A guest is someone you invite to your house, treat them, and allow them to relax and enjoy themselves. But all people in japan have to suffer???

OK, why is it that Japan does not have a choice. While it is unfortunate Wichita falls escort guides people in your situation, you should not use it to condemn the "mentality of Japanese people.

So all they have is what this girl Who was walking the streets around 3am had told the authorities. Just sayin! Fadamor, it's common sense of the world that genteel, highly-civilised USA is diametric opposite of violent Japanese, isn't it? This paragraph is not in quotes, nor is it attributed to anyone.

You are proposing that all service personnel in Okinawa take personal responsibility. When I worked in the Japanese Judicial system I had access to a lot of information and statistics! It must be so frightening for you to live in or visit such a volent country like japan.

Any excuse to put damnation onto another party. I don't think so, so you have no right to feel indignified. For the literary challenged amongst us, reading it may prove a daunting task as there are but few pictures. The military folks are Fuck girls in ofallon pissed off at the guys that committed this crime.

The idea nuance that they are here for a little visit is moronic at best. I'll answer it for Mildura girls lie, no one. Then your indignation sounds justified. The US military's presecence here does not directly affect those of us foreigners who live here permanently, well maybe it does for the ones that choose to live near the base areas, otherwise it's pretty much a non-issue.

Failing to accept the reality that no one is perfect and sadly crimes happen. Or were you being purposefully deceitful? It is doubtful that JTDanMan will accept your comment as he appears to be an ardent Obama supporter judging from his comments on Obama articles.

Surely you cannot be associated with the US military. And well said Smith. How many "guests" do that? The way Okinawan people are protesting might be unreasonable, but what else could they do when they can't rely on their own government.

Or that land could be used to build more ridiculously expensive apartments for Americans, but I'm sure the housing offices would survive without the military here, charging 60, less for the same apartments.

Perhaps instead of demonizing them they should study and look to emulate them. Any related articles, and user comments are shown below. If the roles were reversed and this were the US instead of Okinawa and there was a huge camp of Japanese military in the centre of your town and one night, your 20 year old daughter was walking home one evening, when one massive guy pinned her arms behind her back to hold her so that the other gorilla could rip her clothes off and rape her, how would you feel?

There are many foreigners who do not have the same experience as you in this regard and are quite well accepted within their communities You assume much! But even if everyone in the world except the Japanese felt this way, it is not for them to judge except out of lack of respect for the Japanese people and their culture.

If you treat people like people, they act like people You treat people like caged animals???????? You assume much!

People living on glass houses should beware of throwing stones. For several of the most visible US advocates here, it is a decidedly conscious attitude meant to manipulate the Granada ddf mature. I'm going to sit back and watch If it is anything like my time You are turning almost 50, personnel into "before midnight power drinkers" And with no more red light districts There arent many ways mr military man can get laid He cant be out passed midnight to properly meet and hang out overnight with a potential mate All he has time for is work, duty, showering Eating food, drinking alcohol until he falls down stumbling back with his buddies If you are back athe cant Beautiful lady seeking nsa north sioux city back out for 3 months Look at the past 10 year track record!!!

Clearly you're just trying to push the racist sentiment against the U. No questioning that, as there is no question the Okinawans got a raw deal on all sides. Even those here in Japan, like me, who do well in their communities, are not accepted as such outside of them.

You may be correct about Europeans in this regard, though, I have no personal experience. Excuse me. I'm sorry ahead of time here but are you being serious or sarcastic? While I of course think the guys who did this should be strung up I think that ALL people who commit sexual assault should be strung up -- and the fact is that in Japan, most of the guys who assault women are Japanese.

What Okinawa wants to is to be recognized as Japanese citizen. The US forces do more than their fair share of 'housework' and are in fact depended on by the head of the house, and the house itself for that matter. Chris Campbell. Having lived here for as long as you describe, how they think should be well-known to you and, yet, you continue to live here with this understanding.

The minute the US left, they'd be whining about how they've been abandoned. The facts remain the facts, despite your attempts at deflection -- these people are whining about the very thing they have lived off, and are protected by.

How would you feel if they deployed experimental aircraft in the centre of the city, taking off and landing over schools, houses, shopping centres, hospitals, etc? You're not here to protect Japan.

Fact: The national government has made the decision to enter into a security pact with the US and part of that agreement is the bases here in Okinawa. You're not here to spread the American dream. Fact: Okinawa being a part of Japan has a responsibility as a prefecture to assist in the defense of the country if necessary.

Media, Marketing and Travel? These people would whine just for the sake of whining, and worse yet, the politicians and lawmakers simply do it to score points.

We are not grouped into one with them. See here is part of the problem, it's part of the mentality of Japanese people.

Max, thanks Soapland silver spring usa the info.

Ronald F Stark. I would further conjecture that, if the US military were more thoughtful and accommodating to the concerns and desires of the Okinawans people, the problems faced by long-term residents like yourself would diminish.

I never shared my situation nor how I am treated in the community I live in. Who made Okinawa battle ground it became? Other than the scratch on the girl's neck, the okinawan police didnt take her to the hospital to see if she did get raped. Was your comment fired in my direction?

Americans, especially the marines, are probably as genteel as Koreans, Chinese, etc. But it must be ok for a Japanese individual to murder an American. You're here because you were told to go to Okinawa. How can the Okinawans one day be free of fear of not being murdered or raped by drunk US Marines??

Too bad it was the sight of such horrible violence during WW2 and now, they are still living night and day in a no man's land of a cold war legacy.

Nope, you fail to understand that Japanese have for the most part an almost inbred subconscious ignorance and fear of foreigners in general. They have invested time and money into making wherever they are living into a home.

Case in point, you wrote South oshawa swingers club way of conclusion:.

Freudian slip on your part? Because the US labels them as operational hardly instills confidence in an already tense environment. If these two are found guilty of the rape, let them rot in prison for it. Let's see So how about reducing YOUR share of the crime from There is definitely no easy solution for Okinawa, I think what Japan gov can do is to provide extraordinary welfare benefit to all Okinawan so as to compensate their sacrifice for other region of JP.

I don't know what JP gov already provide them, however I think free education to Univ. For those wondering where I got Carmel Anderson.

Instead of finding out why a disproportionate share of the crime is perpetrated by Okinawans, they whip-up some smoke and mirrors and wail about the "increasingly severe" crimes committed by American servicemen.

Japanese don't count. I can certainly sympathize with Okinawa for having to play host to U.

Things were much worse Komunitas gay auburn the US brass Fort myers florida adult bookstore forced to pay more attention to the issue after those servicemen raped that year-old several years back.

Okinawa is such a beautiful place! S personnel's ,as they hope it would reduce the of U. S personnels in Japan,wtf are they dreaming? I've got four words for you: Andrews Air Force Base. If by trial and sufficient evidence they Sbf looking for a dude guilty But what did they do?

Because it is your opinion does not make it a truth. Who continues to reject Okinawans and thinks of them as below the main island Japanese? It's hypocritical at best to point fingers at 0. The Japanese. The agreement limits the authority of Japanese investigators to prosecute U.

Opponents say it too easily leaves criminals unpunished. The resolution said more than 5, crimes had been committed by U.

Employees, in this case, might even be Japanese I guess? Were YOU the one raped? No need to have them all on that main island of Okinawa, just open up a few of these smaller islands with no whore houses, no bars, etc I bet these youngins will change their tune real quick! Perhaps the US brass isn't doing enough, but that doesn't change the fact that the Okinawan Loughborough sex escorts and lawmakers never run out of things to whine enough -- in fact, that seems to be their only job down there Then they quiet down for a bit.

Or the story of the Marine saving an elderly woman's life on one of the Marine Posts here in the chow hall. These 'guests' are there solely to protect the Japanese people, and while there are a few very, very bad apples in there, the entire US contingency cannot be blamed, nor should they all be punished indefinitely.

And dont forget that the comment made above that driving infractions are counted in the crime stats while the locals with teh same are not.

Apart from anything else, we need the space. I would think that Japan is rather like the US taxpayers in terms of being volunteers. I was alluding to a seminal book relevant to this discussion. All I did was capture the statitics that were "surprisingly" posted in the article. I dislike the military of any country.

If your going to report on current issues, it might help to give your viewers both sides of the story, not only "Oh look what this bad American did".

No one has ever said we were perfet, but there are very many good things happening between the Okinawan community and the U.

If your too caught up in your "I hate America" beliefs you might not see that. So, between and now, the rate of crimes perpetrated by servicemen compared to all crimes committed in Okinawa FELL by I guess when the facts don't back up your agenda, you make up your own "facts".

Has anyone listened to Eagle 8. You were posted here.

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A mix of what's trending on our other sites. I don't care if they try to or are "reigning it in. Now that is not even news. Ignorance is not an insult, it's stating a fact of a lack of education about people and the world.

That doesn't get the headlines and protests going, though, so the Okinawans sweep it under the rug.

Americans, especially the marines, Soapland silver spring usa probably as genteel as Koreans, Chinese, etc.

More than that, people in Okinawa or from thereas is often the case, would demand the US defend them the next time China shows a display of force. The land and the bases on them do not commit crimes and so mentioning them as justification for your statement is meaningless.

But surely you're not suggesting there was a high concentration of ancestral houses in ring around a big space in Futenma where the future base would be. Why not put the okinawan base under scrutiny if any base at all??! If the only way to get that Sexy saint jean sur richelieu beauties for the foreign military to leave, that would be good too.

The V Osprey has been in-service for five years and the F has been in-service for seven years. Why so many "Bad" for my comments like these: Mary MarylanderOct.

I have stated this on a of occasions but Futenma needs to be moved period. So many experts on this forum. Why don't we EVER see this kind of indignation and revolt when it's some girl who is gang-assaulted by, for example, the police in reference to the incident that happened a few months ago?

Stop occupying Japan. Everyone here I apologize for ranting but this has had my attention for a week now Mike Critchley.

A law allowing transsexuals to change their legal gender post-sex reasment surgery was passed Soapland silver spring usa

So in summary: U. This is a reduction of Don't make me laugh! What revision would make this process work faster? But, even if for the sake of argument, I accept your version of what happened, you have not advanced your argument.

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Wouldperhaps, lead to a better society? If by succumb you mean chose to stick with the Security Treaty, yes, that is true. Highly civilised Americans, especially american marines, are known for their low crime rates, at least by Japanese standard. Maybe if you treated the Japanese with respect as your host meaning you act like a guest instead of complaining that they do not do enough to accept you, you might be treated differently LMAO at this Yubaru, There is much good about the U.

Surely, the Japanese readers here should be able to defend themselves from this insult. Not exactly great choices for Okinawa and for all of Japan. We are grouped into something totally different Rape is a serious crime.

Facebook Connect. They are a sovereign nation, are they not? We should recognize them as Japanese citizen in Hotel south croydon united kingdom real sense and share the big burden that has been weighing on them for a long time.

The SOFA is working. I did not downrate your comment but it is worthy of it. The attitude that is that "if you aren't here crime won't happen" excuse me that particular crime won't happen.

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Because the Japanese as a whole doesn't give a damn abotu Okinawa, nor do they see "them" as real Japanese.

Perhaps the Okinawans can try that kite thing - maybe it will reduce crime. As to the statistics, just ask okimike67, Fadamor, etc. I've never seen peace come from its use and I've seen pain and heartbreak like you wouldn't believe. It may be very difficult, but please try to see it from the Okinawans point of view.

I do not have a negative opinion of Japanese people, I Mansfield girls love dick merely stating facts, like it or not Japanese people in general have a misunderstanding and ignorance about foreigners, that is a fact.

It is not your place to comment on the society of a foreign nation regardless of how superior you feel America and its military are.

Ive been in the loop from people still enlisted in the military out here and several expats here Once again Sorry for the long rant Just an idea, how about moving all the massage ts, whore houses etc Just an idea and make it illegal for wives to complain about their US Marine husbands getting laid at SoapLand??

But before you do read carefully what it says in the article before running down to the comments section and throwing your two cents out there. Isnt the rape still alleged? Who makes you the decider of others' beliefs? Cmon now .

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