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But that's my job as an archaeologist," he said. Many others had been forced into reservations.

In the summer of10 Ishi was interviewed on his native Yana languagewhich Berkeley indian men recorded and studied by the linguist Edward Sapirwho had ly done work on the northern dialects.

They lived adjacent to their enemies, the Yana, who were in the Lassen foothills. He died there on March 25, Note: Contact Steven Shackley atextension 3.

Ishi never uttered his real name. Shackley said that, in light of this new evidence on Ishi, teachers educating children about California history "should be more aware of the complexity of Ishi's situation.

- Ishi apparently wasn't the last Yahi, according to new evidence from UC Berkeley research archaeologist

Insurveyors did spot four Indians in Yahi territory. Massacres, starvation and disease had taken the lives of countless Indians in Northern California during the mid- to lates.

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He also agreed to record linguistic material on the Yahi language for UC Berkeley. While at the museum, Ishi often worked on native crafts, such as the arrowpoints Shackley analyzed.

It's more complex than Kroeber imagined.

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In DecemberIshi developed what doctors felt was tuberculosis. They also considered him the last Yahi, said Shackley, since "the only Yahi left in the hinterlands were believed to have been exterminated by Indian killers brought in by whites," Furthermore, they believed Ishi was the last Indian to have lived in the wild.

By his own choice, he often did these crafts for Locanto gay lisburn audiences and would give some of his work away.

Public Berkeley indian men Office.

He lived there for most of the rest of his life, except for the summer ofwhen he lived in Berkeley with Waterman and his family. Two years later, Ishi, who verified that he had been one of the four, appeared alone near Oroville.

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But inWaterman and two guides failed to find the group. Ishi was born into an extended family that, in order to perpetuate life, was forced to intermarry with outsiders, with enemies, said Shackley, and one of Ishi's parents may have been Wintu or Nomlaki.

But by studying the arrowpoints Ishi made, Steven Shackley, a research archaeologist at the University of California at Berkeley's Hearst Museum of Anthropology, has discovered that Ishi apparently wasn't the last full-blooded Yahi, or Yana, after all.

After a hiatus, he d work upon hearing evidence at an Ishi conference that physical anthropology suggests Ishi was not completely Yana.

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Initially, he was jailed by the Butte County sheriff. Although Ishi was culturally Yahi, said Shackley, "it appears he was not the last purely Yahi Indian.

Berkeley -- Ishi is a household name in Northern California, where school children have been taught for 85 years that he was the last Yahi, a subgroup of the Yana Indians.

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The Yana had four subgroups -- the northern, central and southern Yana, and the Yahi -- and each had its own dialect, territory and culture. He learned to produce arrowpoints not from Yahi relatives, but very possibly from a Nomlaki or Wintu male relative.

After several hospitalizations, his friends moved him back to the museum to spend his last days.

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The of Indians was dwindling, and an incest taboo kept them from choosing a relative as a mate. In contrast, arrowhe in the museum from historic Yahi sites are short and squat, with contracting stems and basal notches.

Instead, Shackley said that Ishi, who was found, starving and afraid, near Oroville inwas of mixed Indian blood -- a finding that revises Ishi's famous history, which many Californians learned by reading "Ishi in Two Worlds" by Theodora Kroeber.


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