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These are in no order at all, all but maybe of them were as a feature, and some of those feature clubs I have been to more than once How so? You are paid to be there. I keep thinking I'm missing some, but I just can't think of anymore.

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My list is rather short. Looking back, I have worked at a LOT of places in my 6 years of dancing. These are NOT in any order.

The following are just in the order I can think of them. If it were the same, you wouldn't choose one over the other. I haven't danced at very many, but I guess that's because I've only danced for a few years and just in my home town. Its really not fair for us to say we've 'worked' at a club because really we just graced the club with our wonderful ways :: Not that anyone asked me, but Maybe you guys don't Escort cambridge carlow the princess treatment up there, they way I've personally seen the features down here get.

What are yours? All Portland and surrounding areas: 92nd St. Club a dive, but actually good stage money Devil's Point fun place, but only danced there a few times Dante's Inferno a bar that sometimes has strippers Exotica International my "home" club Stars Cabaret nice place Safari Showclub I wish it was busier than it is The Dolphin ditto A lot of those were only for a few nights.

Mons Venus is my home club and the rest were either road trips, or trying out a new club for a few days I'm so damned boring compared to some of ya'lls huge lists lol LOL!

Me, too, Paige! Anthony's - MA Taking a major nosedive last I checked - haven't been back in months. Maiden Voyage, New Orleans - first club. I already said I wasn't trying to be bitchy. I have worked at so many clubs I can't list or remember the names of them all.

Oh no. I've only worked in San Antonio, TX. These are all in order. You don't have to deal with shithe asking for extra in the Gentlemen club near yuba city danceroom for crap money.

Well over Probably nearer to 75, maybe even No way am I typing that shit out, lol. Get a grip hun, all I'm saying is that feature experience is different from house girl experience.

LoL most of these are with-in a year :O Okay I had to think I know there are so many more I just can't remember lol but these are the ones I can remember Not many at all!

So we're only there for a week at the most but we're still working.

Not to mention they became greedy with the door Girls for sex in montague I've pretty much worked at least one night in every Gold Coast strip club :laughing:.

Clearly not as well travelled though, lol.

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So I'm not falsifying the reviews section or anything. I'm not saying one is better or worse, or whatever, just different. Yes, you're working, but it's different and you know it - there's a reason you choose to feature instead of work as a house girl I'm not saying this to be mean or whatever.

Cheerleaders gentlemens club metairie, Virgin Islands Penacol, St.

Pink Diamonds - No. Hollywood, CA owned by Spearmint Rhino, very corporate and also very dead. I was paid Euro a day to be there, but hustled on the floor.

Club Vogue - Columbia, Missouri - worked here for a few weeks - my first foray into stripping Deja Vu - Seattle, Washington - worked in the peep show section to avoid the scary Seattle vice issues of the time, it sucked, I left after a few months Lusty Lady Looking for a cool fwb in tucumcari Seattle, Washington - worked here for four years, loved it, not someplace to get rich though Western Mass Fifth Alarm - for a hot minute, ugh Center Stage - for a year, too long Anthony's - probably a year and a half or so Mardi Gras - on and off for a year and half Castaways - once, will go again when my schedule allows for their strict scheduling.

Charlies maybe?

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Wow, I can't believe the of clubs that some of you have danced at! I forgot Visions in New Orleans. I'm working on it, though!

Cheerleaders gentlemens club metairie nearer to 75, maybe even

The only difference is we're not sitting in the changing room with the house girls listening to the drama BS and we're not really hustling the floor as much.

Madison, IA. Catwalk - CT My first! View Full Version : Name the clubs you've worked at. That's about it. Your right Its really not fair for us to say we've 'worked' at a club because really we just graced the club with our wonderful ways Its really not fair for us to say we've 'worked' at a club because really we just graced the club with Mattson ms adult dating online wonderful ways :: Come on Cally.

How could I forget the West Bank Biiiitch?!?!? Holy shit! I quit traveling when I took on a "regular" job and started going back to school.

I'm about to die to go to Vegas with one of my friends next year though.

I Cheerleaders gentlemens club metairie you're right.

You are THE attraction. ETA- two of my Missoula full sex are for clubs that are now closed I just said "these clubs are closed'.

LOL Cally, features basically hustle stage-only. I left because after being a regular dancer there.

Augustine, Florida total mistake, lasted 2 days! Teaze - Rockhampton Currently Cheerleaders - Surfers Paradise Clubs I want to give a go in the future: Crazy Horse - Adelaide Santa Fe Gold - Townsville Centerfolds - Melbourne I may even re-visit Teaze in Rockhampton since I'm still in contact with a few of my regulars from there and want to see if they have improved or at least know how to handle the dancers better.

And some of them are closed. Bah I had a long response posted but changed my mind Your right Bridgette We just stroll in on our little cloud and enjoy the VIP princess treatment while everyone bends over and takes it up the ass for us. Lauderdale, FL Gumwrappers--Ft.

You don't deal with mgmt and custies in the same way.

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Mardi Gras - MA My current primary. I don't remember the name Thats a really long list.

And I was NOT saying Sexy ebony girl craving cock the way you're taking it.

So, IMHO, its subjective, and probably varies some by region. I worked in so many random little places years ago when I travelled constantly These are all places I actually worked as a house dancer, not a feature or showgirl. Hmm my list is longer than I thought it would be Mons Venus, Tampa, Florida The owner Joe Redner is a silver fox i keep staring at your pic when i read your posts and thought you looked familiar I thought this thread was about where you worked, not how you did it.

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I dunno, but I think working a club as a feature or showgirl isn't the same as working a club as a house girl.

We deal with management, we deal with the customers, we're working and dancing and hustling in our own ways. Features get special dressing rooms, scheduled stage time, and the house girls have to work around THEM.

Just that I think counting clubs as a feature and counting them as a house girl is quite different experience.

I'm so damned boring compared to some of ya'lls huge lists lol.

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Do I have too? I think you're right. It seems like more than that.

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